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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. cleg
    you're right, sometimes Atlas reminds me some full-sized speaker system. such a big sound in a small package
  2. davidcotton
    Curious about this myself. If they use fedex then there is a good chance you will get hit by a standard £20 "handling" fee, which hurts but isn't too bad. If anyone else in the uk has ordered from CA and had experience with duties, perhaps they could comment please? The duties issue was one of the reasons I held back ordering the comets. Never had much luck with over ear style in ears so figured a straighter fit could suit me better. What's even more curious is that amazon have the vega and Lyra II in stock but nothing else which is a shame. Wouldn't have minded paying a bit more for quicker delivery with no import hassles.
  3. paul2qute
    alright mate, if you look on eBay their is two Vega for sale one from Germany and one from London, both look in amazing condition and about 6 months old, if I buy direct from campfire audio it's cheaper again and they new but again import charges
  4. M3NTAL
    Can anyone tell me if they have been able to side-sleep with the Atlas? I am able to with the Andromeda, but the Atlas looks like too much of a "bullet style" to work comfortably. -Thanks-
  5. paul2qute
    Flare audio are selling the flare pro for 199 quid for a limited period, I just think this is cheapening the brand, I own a pair and I don't see campfire doing such things, believe in your product, if it's that good it will sell at retail price
  6. Kundi
    So if you got the comets for $150, you wouldn't take it?
  7. paul2qute
    Maybe it could go one way or the other way,clever advertisement or desperation to get more ppl to buy it, word of mouth or text I think is the way to go but I'm not into marketing
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
  8. cleg
    I didn’t try that, but I doubt it’s doable. Atlas isn’t deep insertion IEM, so most probably they will protrude from your ears
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
    M3NTAL likes this.
  9. Wiljen
    This is a tough call as I can understand the logic of both camps.
    On one side you have the "sales just prove you could have been selling it for less all along and are just ripping people off." mentality.
    On the other side, if you have not gotten the kind of sales traffic you were hoping for, and you know you have a good product, how do you get people to take notice? Sometimes a discount is the best way to break into a cold market.

    I'm kind of in the middle ground, if something runs sales too often (harbor freight model) why would anyone ever buy at retail price when they know they can wait two weeks and get it for less? On the other hand, if an outfit that makes a good product and rarely discounts it decides to run a black Friday, or other once a year sales event, I think it incentives purchases I might not have made without it.

    Who amongst us doesn't search through the Black Friday ad's for things too good to pass up? (Admittedly, most times I wind up not finding much, but I try.)
    paul2qute likes this.
  10. paul2qute
    I've got the flare pro but I'm giving my Mrs ear ache over getting the Atlas or Vega,no bargains going with them and I haven't a clue what the products sound like, how powerful is that for a company? ?
  11. MyPants
    Wow this right here is why it doesn't hurt to ask. Also very cool of campfire to offer. I definitely would have done that when I picked my comets up a few weeks ago. I'd scoop either of those cables real quick at $149.
    Colors likes this.
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    My video is coming. I agree the diff is not like the price would indicate
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  13. Colors
    You know what, I bought a pure silver MMCX cable today. I’m putting it on my Comets tomorrow despite it costing more than the Comets.

    I like it that much and I hate the stock cable MIC.
    MyPants likes this.
  14. MyPants
    Totally agree on the mic, which is a shame because this is otherwise an extremely nice cable for a $200 piece.
    Colors likes this.
  15. faithguy19
    As an owner of both I am not sure I can agree. I found the Comet to be good but the Atlas to be on a whole other level.
    Gnawbert likes this.
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