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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Lurk650
    Elevated bass, balanced mids & highs. "L-Shaped"
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  2. XERO1
    Of course, I hope I'm wrong. If anyone can squeeze some bass out of a single BA, it's Ken! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    Can't wait to hear these (and the Atlas) at CanJam SoCal this weekend. If they check enough boxes for me, I might even go home with a pair! :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
  3. GTMarauder46
    Sucks, I placed my order for the Vegas April 2 and arrived today. And by the comments Ken made, these are better :frowning2:
  4. Emailz
    In the same boat, I get mine tomorrow. I’m waiting for the impressions to come out this weekend but I think I made the right choice. The atlas will sound different but I don’t think they’ll sound “better”.
  5. bvng3540
    Don’t open it, talk to CA they might let you return and exchange for the Atlas
  6. fjbruening
    That's a good question - In listening 'heavy' music (EDM, Trance) you certainly get a beefy low end, which is, IMO a delicious change from my Ety's. I just listened to the Interstellar OST by Zimmer, which has a lot of mids and top end, and it sounded very nice; not thin or sibilant.

    If I had to categorize them, to my ears they sound like a mostly neutral FR with a slight emphasis on the low end, and perhaps a tiny emphasis on the uppers... But again, that's with an hour of listening while working. However its classified it certainly is an engaging signature. Somehow CA has captured 'fun', both in the Cascades and now these.
  7. Deftone
    Don’t make assumptions, how do you know you won’t like Vegas more than Atlas...
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  8. ExpatinJapan
    I had a wee listen on the train on the way home last night.

    I used the supplied tips at first, which as usual was a reasonable fit. But later changed them for my usual choice of JVC Spiral Dots.

    I tried them hanging down and over ear. As one can see by the photos on the CA website they are a straight earphone so fit is dependent somewhat on ear anatomy.

    I settled at first on hanging down, but later found comfort over my ears. At first try they were poking out a bit like the old triple fi 10. With a bit of rotation and time I found I could make them sit more flush than I had first thought.

    Up or down will be decided I think on a case by case basis. But is good to have options.

    As with any in ear fit the size of tips is important to getting the most out them. As mentioned I had to change (as usual with most earphones) to the JVC Spiral tips to get a proper audition.

    I concur with what others have written about the sound.
    Once I had gotten the fit, angle and tips right they presented themselves well.

    At the low price end of the CA line up, I had some doubts how far they could push the sound quality and keep coherency with their other earphones and also a faith based on their past products and The Comet is no exception.

    They seem accurate to the recording, a decent amount of body to them (I was worried they might be thin).
    They seem fairly even and balanced overall. (Which would make sense If they did lean towards a general one size fits all signature for their entry level- more listening/time will tell)
    As for sound stage, imaging and general sound signature (L, V etc) I will have to lisyen more as I was primarily focussed on fit at first, then later listening.

    More to come...

    And some pics from yesterday soon
  9. Deftone
    Thanks for the impressions expat, the comet reminds me of the final heaven 2, surprisingly good sounding with decent bass for a single BA where as other single BAs earphones I dont like.
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  10. Deftone
  11. Richsvt
    woohoo, just got my shipping notice. Come on...hope the plane gets a tail wind...
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  12. ExpatinJapan
    Some unboxing pics of the Campfire Audio Comet.

    (I am still wondering whether i should have used a more organic background rather than metallic for contrast - oh well)


    99CC1FD0-0431-4765-8802-64A034F9CC52.jpeg FE7E1061-9D07-4803-B858-7F57A214DB75.jpeg 21F6532B-09A4-43D6-8585-1908250B1A97.jpeg 03D72C0E-4C8C-4910-BEF8-22B057EC21A5.jpeg C7B5A7F3-87FB-40F4-B4D4-D7A2B4DA6006.jpeg CB8B8307-3FEA-4FCA-8D0E-53E26D4B8339.jpeg 8C5057BC-CBE1-442D-AC05-A1BD1D563BD3.jpeg FBD95BC0-805A-4881-BB13-9D1ED357ED3D.jpeg 77418FE3-1CB2-4257-BF3B-8CBCBF036F47.jpeg D4639E1D-538A-4DEF-944B-70322D26FEE4.jpeg 92959EFD-8792-4B26-9097-DDB3A917A5AE.jpeg 46076950-C93E-4886-8846-D8D24612E078.jpeg 2B503F16-20F5-4C99-BE57-5752D01EE896.jpeg 4EE4E16D-DC82-4F87-80CD-F61BE1AF2957.jpeg 776297D1-AAA4-4172-B76F-0FD7692D3850.jpeg 8891539F-8398-4659-B844-2E93D25F115A.jpeg 70CA856F-94B7-49AB-BAC3-1102DF31E51B.jpeg E25D41D8-BB1C-48D3-BDB1-5630D1DF67AA.jpeg 28B0E1CC-A005-4643-A2E2-01ADEEDF6F82.jpeg 1847D0BA-3125-49AB-9934-41568C392679.jpeg 915A6F97-A7A2-4128-8857-04F40E252C8B.jpeg A8C16C90-2744-4DBF-A343-D2205D51B561.jpeg 3D67C40E-AA2C-4E8D-9939-5E9B8A8A239F.jpeg AC1A2E3D-6656-441D-8BEC-3759FED50AC7.jpeg

  13. ryanjsoo
    No face reveal in reflection, disappointed
  14. ExpatinJapan
    I`ll PM you a .....private pic :wink:
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
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