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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. ryanjsoo
    They isolate the most of any kind of tip I've tried, they sound more like silicone tips. Not sure whether it's the higher isolation or less obstructed sound tube, but I perceive them as very transparent with more background detail.
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  2. sorrick
    The Atlas comes with both foam and silicone tips (two different kinds of silicone in fact; final e tips and one other kind with a wider bore). These do isolate relatively well depending on what tips you use/work for your ear, although sounds like some have had issues with needing to adjust the fit periodically because they are working their way out of the canal (I personally have not had that problem any more than with other iems)
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  3. Phil Townsend
    Questyle QP2r and Atlas... shocking!
    I am still running in the Atlas.
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  4. Golliwog
    Has anyone used a MMCX bluetooth cable that does any justice to the Atlas yet? Is it even possible or are they too difficult to drive Ken Ball?
  5. ryanjsoo
    I've tried running the Atlas from the Shanling M0 in BT receiver mode. It sounds resolving and well controlled but it was clearly less detailed, especially background detail and treble extension suffered. I felt they faired worse on the MMCX BT cable that comes with the Adv Model 3. Bass sounded looser and highs weren't as refined. That said, the Atlas is inherently very resolving, you'll still get a better experience here than with a lower end earphone even if it's potential is far from maximised.
  6. 8481
    Hey guys, one side of my Atlas seems like it isn't working properly anymore, sounds kinda muffled and distorted? It keeps doing this on and off.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018
  7. bvng3540
    That probably driver flex, try it with foam tip see if the condition still exist, if it does then it a defect
  8. 8481
    Alright, does it matter if I can get a good fit? Foam tips never seal well in my ears.
  9. davidcotton
    Try swopping the cable over to see if it still happens.
  10. 8481
    Did you mean swapping the left and right sides or using a new cable entirely? I tried switching sides still happens to the same one.
  11. deafdoorknob
    seems like you are getting too good a seal, the vacuum effect stopping the driver from moving. tug on your ear until the seal relaxes
  12. 8481
    Aha I thought that was the case, when it does the seal thing on the left usually, I take out and switch sides, it still stays that way for a bit then returns to normal randomly.
  13. deafdoorknob
    the lossy nature of foam minimises that
  14. 8481
    Guess I have to play around with tips more then, thanks for help.
  15. Stranger Than Fiction
    Enough teasing now, bring on the EE LX vs Atlas comparisons!

    ...Please... :)
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