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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. BRSxIgnition
    I've never used IEMs before so I'm worried about comfort, but I'm currently split between these + a MEE Audio Bluetooth cable, or the Master & Dynamic MW50+ as my commuting headphone of choice going forward. Hoping to test the former this weekend, if possible.

    Any impressions or suggestions? I have a thread here for the latter.
  2. Colors
    I actually have the BT1X cable and I don’t really like it. The hooks fit weird with my Comets. Hard to put on my over my ears and get a good insertion. Lots of fumbling.

    SQ was ok (marginally passable) but wired is way better.

    YMMV of course. I’m probably going to give it away to a friend.

    To IEM manufacturers: “psst, we don’t like hard hooks, especially unremovable ones.”
  3. radici
    I'm going back to the foam tips also, I tried the SS, S, and M Final E tips ...Can't seem to get em figured.

    Re: customs... I sent an email to ACS Custom USA (ACScustom.com) to see if they will work with the Atlas if I bring em in, waiting for a response. Also asked what the turnover time is, so when/if I hear back from them I'll pass on the info.
  4. radici
    I need help figuring out the Final E... When I push them in to get a seal like I would with the foams, sound is blocked out. When I push them in slightly, they feel like they would fall out and the bass is diminished. Clearly doing something wrong.
  5. radici
    Now seeing this, thank you. Will try again when I get home and report.
  6. Arkady Duntov
    I've listened to everything from chamber music to rock-'n'-roll.

    I have (or had) the same problem. I thought it was just my ears.

    What do now is to start inserting at a 90-dgree angle, and rotate them as I push them firmly into place. This almost always works the first time.
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
    radici likes this.
  7. subguy812
    Alright, I have a Legend X on the way. Give me a couple of days to receive them and I will begin to post some thoughts.
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  8. Audiophonicalistic
    I just learned from a different thread that you also want to use smaller tips than normal and then they will go in farther. I tried to use normal size tips and same thing happened to me with sound.
  9. mashuto
    For you both, I actually tend to use larger tips for earphones that I wear down and do a shallow fit. Usually easy to get it secure without falling out. At least thats it for me. Currently on the large final audio tips, whereas with the vega, i would often use medium or ml sized tips.
  10. Lookout57
    Campfire is working on custom tips and some members have reported getting them.
  11. ryanjsoo
    Definitely look into Custom Art custom tips. I requested a set with generic T400 size bore. It fits all of Campfire's IEMs and really aids fit stability on the heavier Atlas. thThey' also the equivalent of about $50 USD, an absolute bargain.

    Last edited: May 31, 2018
    fuhransahis, Colors and B9Scrambler like this.
  12. radici
    This would be awesome!!!

    *waves hand at guy from Campfire who frequents the forum*
  13. 8481
    Something weird I'm experiencing with the Atlas, I keep getting a lot of condensation on the grill after wearing them for a bit, anyone have this problem? I'm worried it might corrode something after awhile.
  14. R7photo
    Hey Guys or Ken ALO
    Considering buying Atlas, my dap is ak70mk2
    Does the balanced cable you sell have memory wire or just straight, wanted to get update cable

    Thx in advance

  15. Hotzigetty
    How are these in terms of isolation? Does it affect sound (is it similar to other silicone tips or is more foam like?) Cheers
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