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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. AvijitSingh
    if you are having trouble ordering try using the Amazon option, I had tried several times and decided to give Amazon a shot and it worked.
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  2. HiFlight
    Did you, by chance, get an opportunity to give the Comets a listen?
  3. kundica
    That's what he posted.
  4. silverfishla
    I hope that in the future, they give you a choice to choose a non-mic cable. I don’t ever plug into my phone.
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  5. Ahmad313
    Please share some detailed impressions about the sound signature and sound quality of these babies ,
  6. franz12
    I almost clicked to place an order for Comet, until I saw "...has a nicely balanced low-mid fullness...". Although I am unsure about it, it sounds like it is bass heavy, which I want to avoid. I will be waiting for more impressions.
  7. kundica
    I have a set arriving tomorrow that I intend to give to my GF (not without testing, of course). There should be a few people with some feedback this weekend, especially during/after CanJam.
  8. XERO1
    I don’t think it’s physically possible for a single BA IEM to be bass heavy. :nerd:
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
  9. audionewbi
    Try the FAD audio heaven series. If you get the fit deep enough it will have tight and fast bass.
  10. fjbruening
    Got excited to realize the comet's are available now. Saw the unboxing video by Hawaiibadboy (thanks for that!,) and trust his opinion, so I called up ALO and ran down at lunch to pick up a set. Yes, I live in Portland.

    Back at the office, and I swapped out my tried and true Etymotic 4p's for the Comets. Feeding them from tidal thru the 3.5mm port of a Lenovo Thinkpad.

    Love the initial impression - much more 'substance' especially in the low end compared to the Ety's which sound somewhat thin compared to the Comet's. Bass is perhaps a touch loose, but I have literally about 5 minutes thru these things. I found the Cascades really tightened up and are now my favorite set of HPs. I suspect these will profit with some amount of burn-in.

    Love the fit, the default tips fit perfectly for me, and are NOT going anywhere. These could be great for on-the-go. No microphonics from the cable, which is quite nice btw. Nice little case, and lots of tips for fit option.

    I've just started listening to them, but so far they are wonderfully fun. No, they aren't Cascades, but they easily beat out my Ety's. I'll give more details when I get some hours in them, and some time for critical listening.

    For $200 they're a steal. Back to coding :)

  11. HiFlight
    My mistake! I thought he was referring to the Atlas. Glad to hear the Comets sound good!
  12. fjbruening
    I don't know - I just listening to Massive Attack - Mezzanine - Angel and am blown away at how good the intro sounds coming from the little Comets... quite impressive for $200 IEMs. Well done CFA!
  13. franz12
    What would be the best description in terms of FR reponses among flat, V, \___?
  14. Richsvt
    Was there a backlog to the Comet? I placed an order yesterday and still says processing tonight. I know they're probably very busy getting ready for canjam. When did the others here order/get notification of tracking? I know I'm being impatient but just excited to try them out...
  15. Tim Wilson
    What does \___ represent?
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