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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. HeartOfSky
    I completely agree. In the current market, where 3+ different terminations are becoming very common, it's poor service to sell pretty much the same cable that's in the box, because there are no "options" at purchase.
  2. lmfboy01
    Quick question, a little off topic but do 4.4mm balanced to 3.5mm SE adapters exist?
  3. bvng3540
  4. SteveKiwi
    Yes I've had a devil of a time trying to place an order.
    It constantly rejects with messages about cant validate the post code/billing address.
    I tried multiple times and it ended up placing 3 visa holds for the full amount plus shipping.

    JD from CA support was very helpful and checked it out. The Visa holds lapsed and the money went back to my account.
    If anyone knows a way of buying these apart from using the website I would be grateful
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  5. ryanjsoo
    Anyone see the new album Daft Punk just dropped

  6. kundica
    Still the website but PayPal is also an option. I had some money sitting in PayPal from an amp sale I made the other day and used it to buy the Comets without any issues. Not that it's the same issue but sometimes when I try to make big purchases with my credit cards(even the good ones) I experience issues online.
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Sound really nice. Only listened to Led Zeppelin so far but John Paul Jones sounds normal. Robert Plant, John Bonham and Jimmy Page all sound just right as well. Was expecting JPJ to maybe be off in the back but it is a balanced out presentation.
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  8. Richsvt
    How's the comfort wearing over the ear? Any fit issues?
  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Just started listening ...and down. All my gear has hooks but these go in like ear plugs and are not coming out no matter what I am doing. Fit is about as good as it gets. I will try over ear tomorrow and let you know.
    Richsvt likes this.
  10. CalvinW
    Is the Vega going to be discontinued? I see that it's sold out on your website.
    I actually prefer the much more durable finish of the Vega.
    The Atlas looks good brand new, but will be covered with micro scratches in no time.
    Reminds me of the polished stainless steel on my Apple watch...
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
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  11. amader7
    Just like the new iPhone 10 steel frame :frowning2: Would have loved if they had kept the matte finish
    CalvinW likes this.
  12. CalvinW
    Yeah, I would have loved a matte finish as well. The polished stainless steel on my apple watch looks like someone rubbed it with sand paper.
  13. kundica
    Ken said the following in another forum regarding the stainless steel finish:
    Seems like an aesthetic decision.
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  14. CalvinW
    Too bad they didn't continue with the liquid metal alloy body... I personally don't find scratches appealing
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  15. Tragic
    I love my CA Jupiters and Vegas.
    These are beautiful but a soft breeze will scratch them and no, scratches don't add "character".
    If (likely when) I buy the Atlas, once they get scuffed beyond my tolerance, I'll take a Cape Cod cloth to them for a custom matte finish.
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