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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. faithguy19
    Legend X
    Tia Fourte
    Hidition NT-6pro
    Hidition Viento
    Noble K10U
    64 A12t
    Tia Trio
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
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  2. aaf evo
    Wow. Well that is quite the compliment then.
  3. faithguy19
    Keep in mind this is based off of my personal preference. Several were auditioned and I owned a few personally. My favorite IEMs ever are probably Atlas, U18t, Phantom, Vega, K10, & Andromeda.
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
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  4. kdphan

    Ken Ball is probably blushing right now :)
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  5. linux4ever
    How does Atlas compare to u18t based on your experience with both?
  6. faithguy19
    Honestly, I don't remember enough about the u18t to confidently state that. It had a huge soundstage if memory serves me correctly. I remember it being more polite than how I hear the Atlas. Less bass and better treble and mids.
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  7. Jackpot77
    Been trying to write one for a while - will be working on it over the weekend, so hopefully will be posting up early next week.

    To add to the general consensus, I'm finding that the Atlas is one of the best overall sounding IEMs I've personally heard, too. Such a big and beautifully balanced sound, without any recession in the midrange.

    Just for reference, my recent higher end experience includes the Andro, Vega, Zeus-XR, EE Athena, JH Angie, 64 Audio U8, AKT8IE and Rhapsodio Zombie - not heard the new EE lineup yet and only had a few brief minutes with the 64 Audio flagships at the last UK Canjam, so can't really comment on those.
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  8. Beechedwhale8
    How fatiguing is the Atlas? Any sibilance?
  9. 8481
    Got my comets, was trying out different tips and learned something new today with the spin fit tips.

    My right earhole is smaller than my left, medium spinfit fit well in my right but was loose in my left.
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  10. faithguy19
    I do not get any sibilance from the Atlas. I would say it is more fatiguing than some totl iems due to its big and powerful sound.
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  11. rawrster
    How does the Atlas compare with customs in the 1k-1,5k price range? The majority of universals in this price range are large and cause me fit issues (I sold the Andromeda for this reason). If the Atlas is not much larger than the Comets it sounds like they would be perfect for that use. The advantage is that I have a local dealer that sells the Atlas so I could demo and see if they fit well.

    I sold the SE846 recently and it sounds like the Atlas would be similar sounding with better treble and maybe not as much bass?
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  12. faithguy19
    I too have fit issues with many totl earphones due to my very small canals. My only issue with the Andromeda was that it irritated my ears due to my small ears. Atlas fits me perfectly, but it probably wouldn't hurt to demo them if you could. They are quite small though.
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  13. kakistos
    Damn, now I'm interested in the Atlas. I received the Andromedas this Wednesday and they're beautiful but I'm so curious about the Atlas. I can still return these but I'm in a sticky situation...
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  14. ExpatinJapan
    Same here. It was quite the revelation when I finally worked out what was happening.

    On another note...

    I had been listening to the Atlas solidly for a few days and went back to my beloved Andromeda.... and missed the Atlas.

    This is unusual as even though I try and review other earphones and often enjoy them immensely I always get a ‘ah, back home’ with the Andros.

    So this was a bit of a shock to the system.

    More testing is needed.

    -Atlas with the Litz didnt sound as good to me as the stock cable.

    -I havent tried the Andromeda with the new Atlas cable yet.

    - Also I havent done a proper comparison using a headphone switcher (and volume matched with spl) between Atlas/Andromeda and Vega yet.

    ...I like to give the earphones/myself etc a bit of time to go through the various stages of here it is, new toy, its different, its good here, not good here etc etc before settling down to review.
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  15. emptymt
    Would you kindly compare between the Atlas and the Phantom?
    Those 2 are in my radar right now, but I won't be able to audition the phantom due to my location

    Atlas will be in the dealership sometime next week, like many Others here I really like the Andros, so I'm expecting great thing from the Atlas.

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