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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. tim0chan
    U kno de wae
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  2. ExpatinJapan
    I enjoy posting photos in various settings and also like experimenting with light.

    I have a Canon, but only use an ipod touch 6G as it is convenient.

    Head-fi is where I restarted my audio journey. I enjoy it. I do have my own site and instagram where I also post photos, but it would be bad manners to too often post a link leading out of the head-fi ecosystem.

    If my posting of (thumbnail size) photos is impeding your enjoyment of head-fi please let me know and I will adjust my behavior as needed (using spoiler etc). No problem.

  3. HiFlight
    When I post a photo, I use the thumbnail option, then if someone needs to see it full-size, they just need to click on it. While I do enjoy the pix, it would be nice to have the option to view them either way.

    Like here:

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  4. Richsvt
    I came here to contribute to the CA new IEMs, not read about drama...see ya.
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  5. Wiljen
    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming- The Comet pairs extremely well with the Opus #1s. I am finding detail to be better than expected and bass extension can go lower at times than initially thought. They do seem to need some time to break in.
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  6. Jalo
    BA driver does not need to break in, your brain is another story
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  7. Wiljen
    I'm sure it is all in my head. Lets not start another argument regarding the merits of burn-in. It has been beaten to death and I doubt anyone on either side is willing to change their mind. We have had entirely enough drama for one thread, lets not add to it.
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  8. B9Scrambler
    You ladies better quit your bellyachin' or you'll be answering to The Chief. The Comet has accuracy in spades and in his hands is a deadly weapon of audio reproduction.

    DSC02959.JPG DSC02961.JPG DSC02965.JPG
  9. TheReds
    Hahah, well done!

    Still a little confused by some of the Comet canjam first impressions here and on /r/headphones. Seemed like what people listened to then versus owning or most of us receiving now were two completely different IEMs? Some said that the foams at canjam might have been to blame, or the level of surrounding noise, and when they got the Comets back home in a quiet environment with their choice tips all was good. Of course other variables like CA house sound affinity, expectations, source, but if I were looking to upgrade from my Flare R2A for use in a work environment (open office with noise and distractions), I'm wondering if I would have impressions like the "first" ones or more favorable like most of you? Definitely would have to demo or buy to hear with my gear to answer that, but still find the difference in "canjam impressions" versus most feedback here an interesting juxtaposition.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  10. ustinj
    Yup, that was probably me. Very disappointed on show floor, but as of now I've used this IEM almost exclusively for the past 5 days. Could be the tips, could be ambient noise -- one thing I noticed is that the sound gets a lot fuller the deeper it is inserted, something that simply can't happen with the provided foams.
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  11. ouyangx
    My Comet arrived on Apr 10th and I have been wearing and listening to it for gaming, working, napping and so on.
    The first impression about sound signature(in stock middle foam tips) is: fast, spikey but fully covered.

    Bass performance is fast and much better than like se425, which is decent in quantity, especially in sub bass, but upper bass is a bit recessed and therefore the bass of Comet cannot produce the smooth and relaxed atmosphere like in westone products. So can't say this is a warm earphone.
    Mids is decent or even good, but TBH in most of the time the mids are surely recessed compared to treble and bass. Yeah this is a U-shaped IEM.
    Treble is surely ample in quantity and even a bit rough, as this is normal for a single BA driver earphone. The treble can be harsh for some but for me with experience of listening to ie800 I`m okay with the treble of it. The lifted treble of Comet can bring about 2 things: You will find Comet has fantastic resolution, for the fast response of BA driver and treble performance both contributed to that. But at the same time, for me the treble makes Comet a bit fatiguing to listen for long time. Maybe it's just for me but I have point it out as my own experience.

    soundstage is wide enough for me but not as wide as like ie80s. Instrument separation is good thanks to outstanding resolution.

    Fit and comfort: much better than I expected, for I once thought the shape may not fit ear-hooking wearing style. But it works fine. The stock foam tips enhanced bass but maintain the spike of treble compared to my comply tips but I`m worrying the earwax slipping into the earphone.I want the waxguard of comply so much.

    Overall it's obviously a dope in $200 without question.:)
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  12. bb rodriquez
    Well I impulse bought them without testing first and I can’t say that I am disappointed. They are extremely tip fit dependant and I don’t mean like one tip works better than others. I mean that the tip + comet combination has to seal well in your specific ears before you can get great sound out of them.

    I first started out with some spin fit M tips, realized those didn’t work for my ears so I moved on the the spin fit dual flange tips. These were alright, but soon became fatiguing to my ears after about an hour or so. I then turned to my trusty spiral dot M tips and BAM great seal and great sound.

    I haven’t done enough critical listening with them yet to write out a thorough review, but I can say that they are probably on my “Best Buy list” for 2018. Really solid sounding iems for $199.

    Also once you get them in they stay put really well, they don’t get tugged out easily. Plus they are comfortable to wear over the ear if you don’t want them to hang straight down.

    Just my 2 cents!
  13. gazzington
    How are these with hip hop and metal?
  14. bb rodriquez
    I think that they work really well for metal or rock in general. It sounds great with progressive metal (which is the only metal I really listen to anymore) or any dynamic rock music. I don’t listen to much rap or hip hop, but I think there is a sufficient amount of bump. These aren’t bass cannons by any means, they just have really good sounding thumpy bass to get your toes tapping.
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  15. theveterans
    Just get the Atlas and it’ll rock your world like no other IEM at any price range!
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