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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. IndieGradoFan
    Got my open-box Atlas today too. I have Andromedas and Comets currently. I love the Andromedas and got the Comets for my commute / use with phone whereas Andromedas are for use with my AK SP1000m or Mojo. I never missed bass with the Andromedas but the Atlas is a whole different world. I've got a few hours on them so far and really liking them with hip-hop. I've only used the medium foam tips so far -- I use SpinFits on the Andromedas and Finals on the Comets.
  2. subguy812
    If you want to open up the Atlas more and provide more balance the Spiral Dot tips will assist with that. Wide bore and silicone.
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  3. macdonjh
    Spiral Dots are what I use with my Lyra II, so I put those on my Atlas immediately (I don't get along with foam tip in general). The Spiral Dots didn't hold the Atlas in steadily in my ears, unfortunately. I had some tips a friend loaned me and put some generic-looking dual flange silicone tips on and that solved the problem. The bore of the dual flange tips isn't as wide as that of the Spiral Dots so I'll be searching for some big bore dual flange tips I guess.

    My Atlas are at home today busily pumping out pink noise and frequency sweeps. The very first song I listened to had muddy bass. That resolved itself somewhat over the ninety minutes I listened last night. The new tips and better position in my ears helped a lot. I heard one Jeff Beck track that made me sit stop what I was doing to listen to the cymbals...
  4. macdonjh
    I found the same thing with my Lyra II. There is a tip discussion in the Lyra II / Vega thread (and probably every other IEM thread). I was ambivalent about my Lyra II until I got to borrow Vegas. While I was searching for tips to match the Vegas to my ears, I started switching tips on my Lyra II. When I put Spiral Dots on, "heaven opened and angels sang" as they say. I attribute the gains in extension and top-end air to the wide bore of the Spiral Dots not restricting the air flow out of the Lyras' sound pipes. A worthwhile change to me.
  5. subguy812
    Maybe buy a different size Spiral Dot. If I am not mistaken I stepped down a size to ML and insert a touch deeper. When I am not using my custom tips, I was waffling between Spiral Dot and Final, but decided the wide bore is clearly the best for SQ.
  6. tlcocks
    SO true. I LOVE my Atlas with the spiral dots.
  7. tlcocks
    Agreed here as well. Try stepping down a size. That was the solution for me.
  8. Luisonic
    Completely agree with subguy812 on SQ... Spiral dots are the best.

    I use the Atlas with the SPKM and it is a match made in heaven to my ears!
    My advice though, is break thoroughly the Atlas and also the SPKM...
    Atlas begins to really show all its potential past the 500 hrs, in my experience, and the same goes for the SPKM.
    The sensation is they keep getting just better, more spacious, resolving, 3d, hyper precise... if you have the patience, give them a good burn before committing to an idea of what they sound like.
  9. tlcocks
    Well put,Luisonic. As much as I loved them 3 months ago, I love them that much more now. Agreed they continue to improve through 500 hours. I have NO curiosity about Solaris anymore (thank God, given the price of these things!).
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  10. Luisonic
    Lol, exactly!
    I regularly use this combo for my daily commute, and in the last few days I’ve been listening to music I hadn’t heard in months, and sometimes can’t believe the overall sensation of improvement.
    Sonic bliss!
    And yes, I too survived the Solaris temptation… I will not resist the new pair of cans though…
    Ye who enter these HF lairs, say good bye to your wallets…
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  11. briman1000
    Mine showed up today also. Only about an hour on them but first impression was that I had heard some details in a few songs I was missing. I only tried the foams. Will have to try the final tips and the spinfit. Are they in the box or do you guys those separate? If so can someone put a link. I'm surprised at how full sounding they are. The top end seems to be fantastic.
  12. sorrick
    I was weak to the temptation of the Solaris, and I love them, but I also still love my atlas. When I just want to listen, not analyze, and go for the more visceral, bold, emotional sound, still I reach for the atlas.
  13. zombywoof
    I found some large bore double flange tips (Amazon: "Power Beats" replacement ear tips) that work quite well for me. I use them on my Comets exclusively. These have a 3 mm bore size and are 12-13 mm outside diameter. I believe they were the "large" size. The silicone is quite flexible and I found them to be very comfortable with pretty decent isolation. I also used these tips with my CA Jupiter on a recent overseas flight and they worked nicely.

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  14. abirdie4me
    I've been pretty happy with my Polaris for over a year, but ever since I picked up the Focal Utopia a few months ago my expectations have gone up (unfairly, I know). Would the Atlas be a substantial upgrade over the Polaris gen 1? I really love the clarity of the Utopia and would like to replicate that in my mobile setup. I find the Polaris to be quite V-shaped, which I admit is mostly very pleasing. From my browsing of Head-Fi, it sounds like the Andromeda or Solaris might be more resolving relative to the Atlas, but I think the Atlas bass might be a nice change of pace to the Utopia. My portable setup right now varies between LG V35 as DAP and using a Dragonfly Red out of my Galaxy S10+. I may upgrade to a proper DAP at some point, but those 2 setups sound pretty good for now and I'd rather spend my 'fun' money on earbuds first. Suggestions?

    Oh....I don't listen to much Rap/Hip-Hop or Country, but everything else is fair game. Probably more on the classic rock / alternative / folk / classical / jazz / electronic genres than anything else.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
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  15. briman1000
    I think the Polaris is pretty good for the money. I do feel like the atlas adds better much better mids to the mix while improving bass and treble some. It makes it redundant so I put the Polaris up for sale. I got the atlas on b stock and hope to get almost half the cost back selling the Polaris. If paid full price for the atlas I wouldn't see the value vs the Polaris though honestly. I would live to try the andromeda but I do like my dd bass.
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