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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. subguy812
    The Zenith is more forward and in your face with it's sound. Excellent wide stage and can be a little aggressive in the top end. Very snappy and full bass sound, the black filter is default and I stuck with it on the Zenith as opposed to the pink one on the OG R1.

    The Atlas is one of the most engaging IEM's I have. Allow yourself to adapt to the sound as it definitely is not a "first listen" IEM. The bass is deep and the treble extends well north, there is sparkle up top.
  2. Matty Allen
    If you had to choose just one, Zenith or Atlas, which would you choose and why? I am looking to buy just one and keep it.
    From what you say the Zenith has the bigger soundstage?
    When you say the Atlas isn't a first listen iem what do you mean?
    Atlas is 3 times the price of Zenith, which I am happy to pay if it's worth it. Though I'm getting the impresion they are not so far apart. Is that true?
    Wish I could demo them both.

    On a secondary note, I see you have Legend X... I wonder how they compare...
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
  3. subguy812
    Matty let me say this, I am detecting that you appear to be swaying toward the Zenith, mainly because of price. If you are looking to me to make you feel it is the right decision to purchase an IEM that costs 1/3 less, I am not going to do that. I try to focus on sound only because what someone can afford is personal, to me, I may think neither is expensive.

    If purchased new, Atlas has a wall of bass out of the box, but DD burn-in or growing accustomed to the signature, it quickly becomes more tame, that is why I caution you on drawing conclusions on first listen.

    The Zenith may have a touch wider stage, but for the fuller sound of the Atlas the gap isn't the widest. I think there is more space around the notes in the Zenith which may give the illusion that it has a monster stage.

    Both have their merits, the Zenith is customizable, the Atlas isn't. The stock cable with the Atlas is fantastic, the while the Zenith cable is better than the OG, it is still springy and a bit unwieldy.

    Maybe buy both...used Atlas on the boards for 875 currently and a B-Stock Zenith from the IMR site.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
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  4. Matty Allen
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. In truth I can happily afford one of them but can't justify both. I also travel full time and its just more stuff. I guess I am drawn to the soundstage of the Zenith as my over ears are HD800s and I love the detailed soundstage of them. However... if the Atlas is the most engaging with a fuller sound... and not miles away in sense of soundstage.... perhaps Atlas is the way.
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  5. 7VIIlI777IIlIV7l
    I cannot get my Atlas to not flex with silicon tips, I've tried at least 100 times and there is not even 1 time where I could have a clean sound in both of my ears. I mean it happened once but as I moved my head it was gone. I've tried final tips, madarin symbio W peel and symbio W.
    I think I would prefer the sound with silicon but it's not like I have a choice here.

    I'm going to stick with foam only and gonna order some comply to test as even the smaller marshmallow are a bit too big for my ears
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  6. Tristy
    I had this problem initially too, its just a matter of getting used to inserting them. I find when using symbios make sure your squeeze the tip first to make the foams smaller and then insert the Atlas at an angle so that its kind aiming towards your eyeballs... It sounds strange but I found that I had minimal driver flex doing this and and had no cutting out when moving my head. I also found I had better results when not inserting so deep.
  7. tlcocks
    I’ve now got about 500 hours on my Atlas. It sounds very different (to the better) now vs new. Bass has tightened up. Mids are excellent. Treble is smoothest best top octave I’ve heard in iem. I love them more every day!
  8. Pott
    I got the Atlas through the open-box set. I couldn't quite believe the price (799!), so in the cart it went. They got here today.

    It's funny... I always say I prefer more neutral, less fatiguing, clear sound from my IEMs. But those I end-up enjoying the most are the power kings; my Dekoni Blues at the office (replacing my Meze 99 Neo), the CA Lyra II (which had fit issues unfortunately but sound huge), my InEarz Euphoria (vs. the Ultimate Ears IE7s which have a much more learn, mids-oriented sound) and now, the Atlas.

    They're really quite something. I'm listening to Grand Magus' last album, with its dark production, and still, it works. The bass is huge but I can still track it accurately in the soundspace. It could do with a smidge more mids, especially in the busier spots in some songs. But the treble, soundstage, and bass are a thing to behold.

    HUGE bonuses:
    * Inserting them isn't a while process like it can be with other IEMs (my left ear canal is tiny, which restricts my choices)
    * They FIT. In itself, that'd make them a very rare thing indeed, even without accounting for the huge sound!

    I also have the Lyra II and Polaris II from CA. The Polaris fit, the Lyra do not. I got the Lyra for cheaper than the Polaris (Massdrop), but I'd say it's the better IEM (...and indeed they cost more new!). Three solid choices though, with a lot of power and bass from the Lyra II, a little more balanced tonality from the Polaris, and Ultimate Power from the Atlas.
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  9. Tristy
    I was curious about getting the Polaris II before taking the plunge for the Solaris, im glad I did but im still very curious about how the Polaris stacks up against the Atlas! Can you please give a comparison once you've burnt them in?
  10. GitBash
    Do you experience any driver flex?
  11. subguy812
    Let us know what you decide
  12. Tristy
    Only when inserting at the wrong angle...
  13. Matty Allen
    Will PM you....
  14. journeyman63
    I received my open-box Atlas yesterday. I haven't had a lot of time with them, but in terms of fit and comfort, I find them to work really well with the foam tips that were installed on them. I believe it's a medium-sized tip, which is what usually works well for me. I've settled on wearing them with the cord over my ears. They are comfortable and there is no driver flex that I can detect. Everything in the box looks brand new to me, so I have no regrets about not having bought a new pair.
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  15. macdonjh
    I just received some polished stainless goodness from Oregon today. I am performing my first hour of in-ear burn in now.
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