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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. zombywoof
    Late replying, but just saw your post. I find foam ear tips (Comply or the AC foams) to be uncomfortable and usually prefer silicon tips. My Comets came with the SpinFits, and I like them. I also have the Fianl E tips (came with my Io), and I think I prefer the SpinTips...they seems a bit more flexible and I find them to be more comfortable for longer periods than the Final E. I also purchased some inexpensive double flange tips from Amazon (generic brand). I find that the double flange tips provide a little better isolation than the SpinFits. I used the double flange tips this past week on an international flight and had them in my ears for 7 to 8 hours each way with no discomfort. I believe I can get a deeper insertion with the Comets than my other CA IEM's, and this seems to improve isolation; making them a good choice for travel. I had previously purchased some double flange tips from RHA, and like them on the Jupiters. I believe the double flange I purchased on Amazon (10 pcs for $6; Large) have a slightly larger bore than the RHA, but I can't say for sure as I do not have the RHA tips with me at the moment to make a comparison. Comfort wise no issues with either.
  2. zombywoof
    CA has included a variety of third party tips with their products since they were introduced. My earliest CA IEM is the Nova. It came with CA silicone, CA foam, and Comply tips. Later iterations of their products (Jupiter, Lyra II and Comets) that I have purchased included the CA foam, CA silicone, and SpinFit tips. My latest purchase, CA Io, included the both CA types and Final E silicone tips. So, the third party tips supplied by CA has changed with time. I have never seen an explanation for this, but for me it has been helpful to have such a wide selection of tips to try. I probably would not have gone out and purchased these other brands on my own.
  3. 8481
    Does anyone know the type of Spinfit the Comets come with? I’ve been trying to track them down but can’t seem to find the correct version of Spinfit.
  4. zombywoof
    My Comets came with CP100, 2 each of four sizes (super small, small, medium, large).
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  5. 8481
    Awesome, thanks!
  6. zombywoof
    No problem...I had the info handy because i went through the same process when it came to order additional tips. Also, I found some inexpensive, generic double flange silicone tips that I like with the Comet. They provide a bit better isolation than the SpinFits with no sacrifice in comfort or sound to my ears. I am not able to use the foam tips supplied by CA. They get uncomfortable really quickly.
  7. davidcotton
    Mine came with Final Audio E tips.
  8. JustJoseph
    Heads up, Atlas is having a B stock sale at 799 Usd now
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  9. 8481
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  10. subguy812
    Today I am by the pool with a well seasoned Atlas. Listening to Tutu by Miles Davis, incredible. I will never forget the first listen and the massive wall of bass that I didnt think I would ever climb over. So many IEMs and today I chose Atlas.
  11. journeyman63
    I got the email yesterday as well and decided to go for it. I really enjoy my CA Andromedas but miss having more of a bass punch for some of the music in my collection. I'm looking forward to gaining that with the Atlas. Here's hoping for a good and comfortable fit!
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  12. GitBash
    Congratulations, can you post a comment about fit and comfort? im looking to buy these and dont want to regret it.
  13. journeyman63
    Will do! Hopefully I'll get them sometime this week.
  14. Matty Allen
    Interested to hear if you bought the Atlas or the IMR R1? I am thinking Atlas or IMR Zenith? Looking for bass and large detail soundstage. My over ears are HD800s.
  15. Carlsan
    Personally I would never buy anything from IMR, that company is run by Bob James previously of Trinity Audio Engineering. HIs wife was a major owner of the company. Trinity screwed a ton of people out of their hard earned cash when they kept advertising and receiving payment for product they had no stock of and no intention of shipping.
    What they did was worse than any bad business practice.

    Stick to CA, nicest people and very reputable. The Atlas is a great earphone.
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