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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. HeartOfSky
    On the tail end of a really spectacular evening, and very much not sober (mj), I'm here listening to an SACD/DSD of Goldfrapp's album, "Supernature". This duo are clearly masters of their craft and this production is superlative. Atlas gives it so much more... wow. The imagine between all the synth sounds. The boom in the bass, but solid nod to the textures of the trebles. I'm a happy, happy camper.

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  2. Rockwell75
    That's my favorite thing about the Atlas-- it's allowing me to rediscover so many of my old favorites and fall love with them all over again. The most engaging and addictive IEM I've ever heard.
  3. HeartOfSky
    I feel you. I'm coming out of a 4-year massive transformation. Music I've loved my entire life, I'm actually understanding for the very first time ever. And, it's not just that I'm understanding them for the first time, but that I'm understanding each of them during pivotal developmental moments. It's freakishly mind blowing.
  4. OG10
    Where did you find a DSD of this album?
  5. HeartOfSky
    I'm pretty certain it was a non-legal .iso download I found. Don't worry. I made up for it buy also buying a physical copy. No joke. Love them too much to not have hard copies.

    EDIT - The thing about it is that my LG-G7, using USB Audio Player Pro, is able to load up an actual SACD .iso. This is the first I'm actually getting to hear it in it's .DSD form.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
  6. PeterParker123
    I'm experiencing a lot of harshness with the atlases, particularly in female vocals. It's a type of hollow bordering-screechy kind of sound rather than the usual "sss" sibilancy though that I come across that a lot as well.

    Examples of songs would be:
    Titanium- David Guetta
    Flames- David Guetta
    Instruction- Jax Jones
    Happy Again- Syn Cole
    Friend of Mine- Avicii
    Back & Forth- Mk & Jonas Blue
    Think about us-Little Mix
    Bounce- Calvin Harris

    Pretty much all songs in general but these are just some of the many extreme cases I can think of the top of my head.

    I am currently using m4a 320kbps files though I have compared songs with true flac and I must say I haven't noticed any difference between the 2 formats (sibilancy/harshness is still there on flac). I am currently driving these out of a Samsung J3 and Dualshock 4 controller. (I am still waiting for my dragonfly red to arrive.) Could the dac of the phone and controller be the reason for all this harshness? Because non of my iems and headsets are giving harshness this extreme whilst also being driven through my phone and controller. I should also mention I am using final-e tips. When I switched to foam, it did alleviate some of the sibilancy but the harshness in vocals were still ever so present.

    Any thoughts on this? Would the dragonfly red really make such a difference and solve this issue? Please help. I spent way too much on these to be preferring my $50 iems because they don't hurt my ears as much.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  7. tlcocks
    Treble somewhat ‘rough hewn’ out of box, but after 100 hours break in is smooth as a baby’s bottom...with a good dac. That’s important with these iems. It is though with the treble of most iems. Iems are finickier than other earphones. I can honestly say though that the treble is spectacular after good break in with good dac. Did you buy directly from CA? could your phones be defective or knock off?
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  8. Luisonic
    Don't despair.... definitely the phone.
    You see, with a piece of high quality gear as the Atlas, you gotta make sure you feed it good stuff, so that excellent stuff comes out.
    You feed it less, and it will be brutal in its honesty, to say it nicely.

    The Dragonfly Red should help quite a bit (nice little beast it is...). Make sure you go to flac, at least (even if you don't think you hear the difference, you will FEEL the difference!) because the higher the resolution and the higher quality of the player, the more fidelity you'll get.
    One day when you can. like a lot of people here, you'll switch to a higher quality player, and then you'll be happier... until you find the next upgrade... lol...

    Anyways, give it time and experiment with higher quality in general and you'll avoid these unpleasant experiences...
  9. tlcocks
  10. Jackpot77
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  11. tlcocks
  12. tlcocks
    As an aside:
    Qobuz is here! 24/96 of rush vapor trails sounds GREAT. No more cymbals hash. So much smoother and more natural sounding. Approaching vinyl, I suspect, if not there already
  13. tlcocks
    Great review. You really went deep and detailed. You also helped me to not have buyers remorse about Atlas, as I purchased right before Solaris came out. Remain totally happy with Atlas. Figured it couldn’t lag too far behind Solaris wrt mids detail. Thanks!
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  14. Rockwell75
    Same. In Canada the Solaris was $300 more than the Atlas and just a bit out of my price range. Everything I have read (and heard) since, though, has convinced me that the Atlas is perfect for me.
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  15. PeterParker123
    Ok thanks for the replies. And @tlcocks No I don't think its a defect or fake (it has all the characteristics of the atlas- heavy, well built, v-shape signiture, hifi-sounding bass, etc), plus it came with a lapel pin so... we'll just have to see once the DFR arrives.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
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