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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. rschoi75

    I just came back from Canjam as well and I agree with the Atlas impressions. It's a Vega on steroids. Bigger, cleaner, harder hitting, larger sound stage, but still smooth as silk.
    If the Vega is a nice 32oz porterhouse steak, the Atlas is a 64oz tomahawk ribeye. I think it's a pretty amazing iem for what it is, but it's too much for me.
    Build quality is rock solid.

    The Comet was a miss for me. For $199, I expected a little more. Knowing what $199 can buy you in the Chi-Fi world, I think these are lacking in clarity and extension on both sides.
    It's a very smooth iem, but I think you can do better for the money without looking too hard. Build quality was also amazing on these. I hope he continues with this line and adds a multi-driver BA or a hybrid down the road. I actually like the housing on these iems.
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  2. Shecky504
    Thanks for the impressions. Do they have the Atlas available for purchase? I’m going to CanJam tomorrow to try out. I also want to try Vega and Andromeda. Are those also available for purchase there?
  3. rschoi75
    It's not out yet. Pre-orders are open now, and shipping in May I believe.
    Not sure about the other existing iems, but I think you may be able too. They had Comets for purchase today.
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  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    It's got bass...and it sounds good :)
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  5. silverfishla
    I agree with you. It does have a surprisingly good quantity and quality of bass. LIstening to the Comets in a quiet environment (not at CanJam next to a heavy breather), you can really get the correct timbre of bass notes. Meaning, a Fender bass sounds like a Fender bass, and an acoustic stand up bass sounds correct to it's acoustic form. This is a good thing, because the bass is not hidden or recessed. Some bass in this price range is as plentiful but lack the detail which reduces those bass notes to sound like Midi representations. I hate those kind of earphones. This is not one of those.
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  6. neueziel
    The Atlas is an impressive headphone and I would take it over many of its more expensive competitors at the show. I may have a preference for the CA sound. It hits hard and might be extreme for some. However, it does it in a collective manner and is not sloppy at all. Anyway, back to your question. Two reasons: one is that I'm not into this hobby as I was a year ago but still like to check out the new stuff and two I kinda compare it to a good movie with a pretty good sequel where you end up liking the original more kinda like Guardians of the Galaxy. Ironically however, If the Atlas came out first and the Vegas second, I would probably feel the same way, as in not liking the sequel as much. They are worth checking out.

    Yeah, I said "oh crap" out loud when i heard some guy say that.
  7. Giraku
    Thank you for the impression. I'm very interested in Atlas. How did the mid sound? Fuller mid than Vegas? I liked Vegas except for the slightly recessed mid. If Atlas has fuller mid with visceral hard hitting bass, I will buy them for sure.
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  8. silverfishla
    I actually think Campfire did a disservice to the Comets at the show by presenting them to be listened to with Comply type tips. Everything that comply type tips do to the Comets are the reverse of what is good for them. The Spin Fits that they included in the package make them sound much cleaner and right where they should be. Which is clear but not sharp.
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  9. neueziel
    Interesting, did it kill off some of the bass? That was my main issue really. It's pretty cool that they used Comlys, generally good stuff.
  10. theveterans
    D6EF04AF-1E56-447A-998C-219BE23562DC.jpeg Got my Comet from CanJam earlier. Symbio W does this justice!

    BTW, I find that Comet definitely scales up with more powerful Amp like Mojo
  11. Deftone
    Nice man I wish I could buy the comets and pair with mojo myself.
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  12. zeta555
    anyone compare the atlas to the dita fealty/fidelity combo? it's in the same price bracket.
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  13. notsimar
    The lightning to 3.5mm jack would be one way..
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  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  15. torifile
    The headphone adapter Apple makes passes button clicks to the phone. It would work fine.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2018
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