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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. JaZZ Contributor
  2. Luisonic

    My girlfriend can't stand me anymore, so I thought I'd share with people who understand...

    The sound is simply elegant and formidable.... I gave them a ten minute session before starting their 40-50 hour break-in, and the sound is majestic!
    I can't wait to hear the expected change of the signature... be there in a couple of days...

    One note: I can see how weight can be a factor. I have spinfits that are perfect for me, and ended up using those, because non of the included tips did the job well enough... a note to Campfire.
    I have also been a user of double and triple flanges, and I suspect that I'll be getting double flanges for these, and sound and hold should be perfect (with the wide bore, small bore kills the sound). The foams hold well but darken the sound a bit too much for my taste. This is however on a first listen. Let's see after some days...

    Some of the best spent money! One life, give yourself joy when you can!
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  3. Luisonic

  4. paulgc
    Love mine. Addictive.
  5. deafmutelame

    Whenever I stop, think and realize that I'm going to spend $1500 on a pair of IEM's, I start to laugh nervously. I'm not rich at all, this is a total luxury item for me. I don't know about your girlfriend but the only 3 persons I have shared this with seriously think that I've gone bananas. :banana:

    2 questions for you all owners of the Atlas:

    The Atlas come with a 2 year warranty.

    Considering every investment has got its risks...:
    1. How long do you expect them to last? Let's forget about the cables, it's obvious that they are going to break "often". What's important is the body and its content, for the cables can be replaced.
    2. How long would you be happy for them to last? This is the amount of time that they should last so that you can say "this was money well spent".
    My answers:

    - I expect them to last 10 years at least, provided no accidents occur. Am I being too optimistic here? What's the longest that you've had an IEM for?
    - I'll be happy if they last at least 5 years. That would be less than $1 a day. It sounds better when put like that... :)

    To be honest, every couple of hours I wonder if I shouldn't get the last IMR-R1 available out there instead, and 3 times cheaper than the Atlas...
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  6. tlcocks
    Totally agreed that small bore tips kill sound and need wide bore. Don’t like supplied wide bore silicons as much as comply with this earphone. I think the wide bore silicones cut down some mid bass at the expense of the lower treble sounding too forward.
  7. tlcocks
    Yes, the part about comply darkening treble true. But these phones have enough for me that it’s ok.
  8. tlcocks
    I’m just gonna say this: these beasts perform like full size high end cans. The sound is huge and fantastic. I have no problem laying out the cash for a sound so grand. Iem or not.
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  9. Luisonic

    I get where you're coming from...
    By the significant parts:

    - I expect these to last a long time. SO far, I have dinosaurs sitting in my drawers I don't use anymore, and the only problems I ever had were with the cables. I have really tried hard to ruin some of them (but I'll be gentle as silk with these Atlas, I'm not stupid!) and they're still going on strong...

    - ANYBODY who is not an audiophile (sort of a hearing disorder..) will tell you're nuts... while they spend money on cars and dumb upgrades, makeup and dresses, or whatever else sharpens their tool.
    I think money is just the means to an end, and though I'm not rich at all, I can say that my money is well spent in all the things I have, because they're all designed to give me a quality life that, sometimes I ardently desired from afar (health problems too long to mention). And so, if it rocks your world, and knowing what you know about yourself, you know it will for a foreseeable and significant future, my answer is "press the get key".

    - Everything involves some risk, just as everything is temporary. If the risk is reasonably handled by most, then it's ok enough for me.
  10. Luisonic
    In fact, and that is why I didn't like those either, specifying again that it was just the initial trial.
    I reiterate that my gut feeling is I'm going to get the best out of these with a silicone double flange, wide bore.
    I'm thinking about the custom tips, and would love to hear if, as I suspect, they mess with the sound and especially the highs...
  11. tlcocks
    You know what’s funny? If any of you have the stock AKG earphones for the Samsung phone, pop off the tips on them and slide those puppies onto the Atlas. You’ll be surprised at what you hear. They sound spot on!
  12. tlcocks
    Just finished listening to Daft Punk, Random Access... on Atlas. This sounded fabulous, but for the first time the bass was a little too thick. Had to eq down -3 at 120hz. Result was still gigantic and gorgeous. Made my respectable RHA T20’s (now my gym earphones) sound rather thin and artificial in timbre in comparison. Having such fun with these! They certainly aren’t flat and accurate and all but VERY fun and very hi fi.
  13. sorrick
    If you take care of them, there is no reason they should not last 10 years. I have far less expensive plastic iems that are more than 10 years old and work perfectly. The atlas is built like a tank and is solid metal so they are vwry sturdy. Dynamic drivers are generally more hardy than balanced armature drivers, which can be more affected by sudden impacts (drops) or temperature extremes. As long as they don't get crushed (not likely to happen short of sticking them in a hydraulic press) or fall and get completely submerged in water, there is really no reason they should not last for many years. There aren't that many parts in them to break.

    Also, I call shenanigans on the seemingly accepted idea that cables fail "often". They can fail, yes, but again, If you take care of them, they can and should last years. MHO fwiw.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  14. mashuto
    I actually find wider bore tips on the atlas (like the spiral dots) a bit too treble forward. I honestly keep going back and forth on tips. I have tried some spinfits, but the ones that seem the best to me are the CP155, which have the widest bore of the spinfits, but they are almost loose fitting on the atlas. The CP145 has a better fit, but the shape isnt quite as comfortable for me. Currently using the final audio tips, but who knows, might switch again tomorrow.
  15. Voxis9292
    I tried some wide bores on my comets but I have the feeling they just don't fit in my ears ... so I have to stick with the normal ones ... :)
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