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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. MyPants
    Yeah his review was the last straw that sold me on them. I'd wanted campfires forever, and the pricepoint had my attention, but I had my doubts about the single driver. But boy between the custom BA and the T.A.E.C. they really killed it. I'm thinking about doing a YouTube review comparing them against the Pinnacle P1 given the identical price point, single driver designs, and similar impedances.
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  2. capnjack
    I already had the Brainwavz b400 when the Comet came out, but hbb sold me on them with that video if I’m honest.
    B400’s should wipe the floor with the Comet, but, of the 2, I find I’m drawn more toward the Comet whenever I’m out and about these days. Just can’t bring myself to get rid of the B400, they’re just different enough to warrant both I suppose?
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  3. davidcotton

    Comets with custom tips from Custom Art. Hiby R6.
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  4. capnjack
    How much did the custom tips cost?
  5. davidcotton
    45 euros not including cost of impressions (say £35 for those, but ca already had mine) and shipping and paypal.
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  6. chimney189
    Did you notice any changes in the sound signature?
  7. Jackpot77
    I'm a huge fan of both the Comet and the Atlas with the Custom Art tips. To my ears, they don't change the sig drastically, they just allow a perfect seal every time so the sound is full and rich on both. Clarity is unaffected - the only thing to note is that the IEMs will be held slightly further out in your ear canal.

    They really are a no brainer fit bitty these IEMs if you can get them without too much hassle.
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  8. Arkady Duntov
    Do you think custom tips from Custom Art would work on the (other CA) Atlas?
  9. davidcotton
    Think so. Ryansoo used them in his review, Might want to double check to make sure though.

    Sound –

    I used the Custom Art custom ear tips during evaluation as I found them to provide a tighter bass response and slightly higher micro detail retrieval than my next preferred tip, the Final Audio E-tips. They also provided the most reliable fit in my case. The Atlas received over 200hrs of burn-in prior to review to ensure optimal performance."


    Full review.
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  10. Jackpot77
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  11. Kervsky
    It has landed :) woooo

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  12. Caruryn
    I swear part of the reason why i bought them is because of that funky box.
  13. Kervsky
    Compared to the older model boxes, they are brighter and funky, though I profess to imagine sometimes how a psychedelic 60's color scheme might work out
  14. mircea78

    Anyone using the Comets with the iPhone? I would like to know if the iPhone is powerful enough to drive them without an amp, as I would like to use them while traveling.

    Thank you
  15. Den Sol
    Good to know, thanks!

    Got my Brainwavz balanced candy cane balanced cable just now. Sounds pretty good. I think if I re-terminate my stock cable, it probably sounds even better.

    I am puzzling over one thing though, when I was switching the cable, I might have mixed up the two ear buds. But I guess the two ear buds might be interchangeable left-right? Coz just from looking at the ear buds themselves, I can't tell there is any difference.
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