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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. digitalzed
    You should be very happy with that. It's an excellent cable.
  2. MyPants
    Oh yeah, by ordered I mean I got it a couple months ago. It is indeed a beautiful and well made cable.
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  3. Den Sol
    I have thought about this, but it seems to be the same cable as the stock one just with different DAP connector? (wish Campfire allowed selection of DAP connector when we bought the IEM) Could also just re-terminate out stock cable to a balanced one I guess?
  4. bvng3540
    If you need retermination, contact @alpha421 he get it done in few days
  5. chimney189
    I keep trying to convince myself that there is no way that I'm going to hold onto such an expensive IEM, that there MUST be something that's cheaper and can sound just as good.

    So far I'm not getting convinced enough.. =/
  6. davidcotton
    Another way to look at it is that if you like that iem enough there's no need to buy anymore and save money that way! Sounds like you might have reached endgame. Until you start playing with sources, and then cables and then..... :p There's a reason that "welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet" is kind of the semi official welcome :)
  7. MyPants
    When you find your perfect headphone and you can afford to own it, don't let go. Get a decent DAP and just let it ride.
  8. chimney189
    Thanks for the replies.
    I also found that a way to relieve the weight of Atlas is to bring up the strain relief ... took awhile to get to this point! >.<
    MyPants likes this.
  9. chimney189
    So far the Cowon Plenue R is filling my needs, but my one gripe with it is it's size. It definitely a tight fit with my jeans and weighs down athletic shorts .. frustrating.
    I've been looking into the Cowon Plenue D and HiBy R3 .. but both only have 32GB of installed memory while the Plenue R has 128! Then again, the Plenue D is said to have 100hrs of battery life
    MyPants likes this.
  10. MyPants
    If that's the form factor you're looking at, I'd also consider the Shanling M0. Storage space is nothing to really worry about now that 200gb microsd cards are $50ish all day on Amazon. I'm not familiar with the Plenue D personally but IIRC it's a fairly old model at this point no? ALSO if you have a phone that supports aptxHD or LDAC, the EarStudio ES100 by Radsone is also worth a look.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
    capnjack likes this.
  11. capnjack
    R3 doesn’t have any onboard memory it’s micro sd only. Battery life is about 15hrs and it sounds great with all music that I’ve thrown at it (mostly acoustic/rock and a bit of 2Pac/Reggae/2tone)
  12. chimney189
    Are you using the Comet or the Atlas?
  13. capnjack
    I’m listening to the R3/Comet now as I type this. (Dire Straits - Money for Nothing)
    If could afford Atlas I’d have it, but sadly not at the moment:frowning2:
  14. MyPants
    Hey man, no shame there. Comet is an extremely good iem. Even at home when I could just as easily grab anything else in my sig, I often find myself reaching for the Comets.
    capnjack and chimney189 like this.
  15. capnjack
    Gotta admit that I was surprised by how good the Comets are for a single ba. Have you seen @Hawaiibadboy video review of the comet? Surprised me I gotta say! :wink:
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