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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Colors
    Imo, out of the stock tips (for both the Andromeda and Atlas), the marshmallow tips sounded best with them.
  2. Jonathan Lerner
    For the blackbird tips how does it change the sound of the iem
  3. mashuto
    Pretty sure ken ball always in the past recommended the marshmallow foamies. Not sure if thats still the case for the comet/atlas, but I just personally have never liked foam tips. The final audio tips I think are quite nice for the atlas, and since I can wear it down, that definitely affects the tip requirements for me. And bigger round shape silicone tips have always worked for me when wearing down.
  4. crezo
    Slightly less bright (only marginally) treble and a boost in the bass. I love the sound of them though.
  5. davidcotton
    Usual issues with tips for me. Silicone also have a nasty suction effect when trying to remove them quickly. Did find something interesting about foamies at work today. I don't have to squeeze them to get them to fit, just put them straight in. Using a large on the left and medium on the right. That said should be getting my custom art tips this week, so hopefully that will help. Keep meaning to get round to swopping out the cable for one without a mic but not got round to it yet.
  6. paulgc
    Spent some time comparing Atlas to SE846. Atlas with stock cable and SE846 with @MoonAudio Silver Dragons.(So not = price points after the cable upgrade) Hugo2 DAC with Tidal HiFi. If you like one you could well like the other... well at least I like both. I would suggest: both have good sub bass response; Atlas may be a bit brighter or "airy" while SE846 might have more mid in comparison. but close to each other. Using original filters in the 846. Both with foam tips. Have the blue/red tips on the Atlas (from Campfire). Had to look down to see which cable was plugged in at times. The Litz cable on the CA is very tangle free. @KB thinking about the ALO CA SXC 8 cable. Do they come in a dedicated bag? Didn't try swapping MMCX cables. Drew, are you doing cables for the CA Atlas?
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  7. drubrew Contributor
    Moon Audio Stay updated on Moon Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/MoonAudio/ https://twitter.com/MoonAudio https://instagram.com/moonaudio https://www.moon-audio.com/
  8. headsman
    Have there been any updates recently on the Campfire custom tips or indeed the CIEMS which seem to be surfacing on the internet?
  9. Jackpot77
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  10. Luisonic
  11. Xelpud
  12. chimney189
    I just received the Atlas, so I'll be posting up impressions in a few days then hopefully a comparison to the Andromeda.
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  13. Audiophonicalistic
    I have a moon audio cable for my shure 535 and have to say I was impressed by the upgrade. Now Im a cable junkie. With memory wire the fit is a little awkward with cfa atlas. Maybe you could remove it?
  14. subguy812
    I am currently working on my review of the Atlas. I apologize for the long break since I have completed any other reviews. However, I am back at it and the Atlas will be the next one I complete.
  15. Lookout57
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