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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. audio123
    Symbio tip by MandarinEs is my favourite tip for the Comet as it helps to create a fuller sound.
  2. Audiophonicalistic
    Mine make quite a bit of condensation as well. I put a moisture absorber in the case but maybe its a better idea to buy the iem dehumidifier that cfa sells. I think 64 audio sells one too.
  3. 8481
    Don't really want to order anything as of now as shipping is $50. :cry:
  4. ahmedie
    Well I listened to atlas last week and was really moved by it's qualities, so today I went again and listened to more stuff , I only used smartphone though
    Atlas powerful bass with average treble, it sound good but it is fake, good depth and seperation, small soundstags
    Androma Oh this sounded much more like audiophile headphone, excellent treble, very good seperation and sound stage
    Legend x good treble good bass exceptionally large sound stage very good seperation, very good at higher columns bcz campfire offering fatique at higher volume, better than many mid-fi full size headphone by good margine

    Lastely I listened to Cascade ok beat all 3 iems in all categories except legend x soundstage but with real bass really extended treble and real instruments in space and real 3d image. Iem image is like fake? Cascade resemble my stax setup.
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  5. Arkady Duntov
    I think I would have said the Atlas has powerful bass with above-average treble. (It's my current favorite.)

    I don't understand what you mean when you wrote, "it is fake?" Fake?
  6. Audiophonicalistic
    I have a beautiful custom cable 4.4 out of wm1a and the atlas is amazing with vocal music, synthesized music, acoustic all sounds lovely and honestly this setup I like more than the andromeda. Sounds so good makes me cry. Also they must be broken in. They really shine with detail now. Maybe with a proper player it would sound better?
  7. Carlsan
    I agree, the Atlas are truly amazing. They are also very addictive, have a hard time listening to anything else in my earphone arsenal.
    Amazing, yes, in these ways: Extension in both directions with great lows and excellent highs. Details across the full range. Great female vocals, but just as great male. Cymbals sound realistic. Orchestral works sound big and grand, as they should. Guitar notes (acoustic and electric) sound right on target with tone and resolution.
    There is nothing fake about the Atlas, they get everything right.
    I do think they benefit from the added power of a music player, in my case I'm using the iBasso DX200, amp8 combo. They should also be allowed to burn in for at least 50 hours (or more) for them to start to really shine.
    Bit of warning, fit issues do exist and ear tip experimentation is a must. As I posted in another thread:
    On a side note, the fit on the Atlas is a challenge, but if you work with it, it will work. For me it was wearing the earphones as if cables run down. I then loop the cables back over my ears - because I'm geeky that way, and it takes care of cable micro-phonics. After many earphone tips, I've settled on a pair of double flange tips, that I have cut about 2/8 of an inch off of the inner tube, so they rest on the earphone with the ear-end of the tips being almost flush with the ear-end of the Atlas. Perfect seal for me and great sound.
  8. ExpatinJapan

    FiiO X7ii, 4.4mm amp module and Campfire Audio Atlas
  9. Jonathan Lerner
    How do the atlas sound with comply foam tips
  10. sorrick
    I have used my atlas with both comply and generic memory foam tips, both of which sounded very good.They completely solve driver flex/suction issues that I was having with all the silicon tips I tried (final e, spiral dot, other generic silicons). The foam tips do perhaps emphasize the bass impact a bit more than silicons because (at least for me) I get more isolation with foams; however, I did not find that they muffled the treble response much, which I have found with foam tips on other iems.

    I am currently liking symbio tips because they give me the best of both worlds and for whatever reason I have not had the driver flex issues with the symbios that I was having with the regular silicons.
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  11. Oscar-HiFi
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  12. Audiophonicalistic
    They sound good but I do prefer the symbios or the stock foam that cfa gives you.
  13. 8481
    They kinda muffle everything that isn't bass.
  14. Jonathan Lerner
    So my problem is I have really small ear canals so I always use the smallest tips for any brand which end up sealing well enough to make it so that one side is quieter and I usually hate the sound of comply and the marshmallow tips scratch my ears so I feel kinda stuck tip wise
  15. crezo
    I have the exact same problem, but went with some foam tips by Blackbird and find the smallest work really well with the Comets.

    I usually don't get on with the foam tips but can highly recomend these.
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