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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  2. Lurk650
    Not really a fair comparison, two different price brackets. The B400 is in the same price bracket, even though it has 4 drivers vs the 1 of the Comet, from what I'm reading of the Comet and my impressions of my B400 they seem similar though Comets possibly having better Dynamics
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  3. kundica
    You do realize the forum will let you post thumbnails that expand into full size images right?

    No wonder other forums complain about the amount of noise on head-fi.
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Sound off a smartphone is good. You could toss these in a bag (gently) and take em out with just your phone and be fine. With an LG V30 these would be quite fine. Obviously much easier to drive off a DAP and sound better as well. IMO
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
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  5. Wiljen
    I'll have all three of those in hand when the Comet arrives and will do that comparison. I agree that price wise the 400 is a closer match but it will be interesting to see what can be done with a single BA.
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  6. bvng3540
    You can do a lot with SINGLE ba, if tuned right, just look at warble Prelude
  7. bsoplinger
    That's why I had asked for a comparison to the B150 instead of the B400. I was curious about how each company dealt with the supposed limitations of a single full range BA. I'll admit that a comparison to the B400 would be nice to see also.
  8. notsimar
    anyone know if the cable is apple or android compatible for the comet?
  9. fjbruening
    Not sure what android compatible means, but the Comet cable terminates in a customary 3.5mm plug. To listen with my iphone 8 I slap on the 3.5mm to lightening connector from Apple.
  10. bsoplinger
    Basically there was a standard among manufacturers for how to wire a 3 button mic, that is a mic that has volume controls and playback controls. This is the Android compatible style although the standard predates Android. Apple, as Apple often does, decided to ignore the existing standard and do it their way. Thats Apple compatible. I've seen IEMs with a switch on the back of the mic controller to switch between the 2 wiring standards. I've also seen Chi-Fi brands advertising that they had a smart controller which would automagically choose the correct mode but I never had one of those nor seen one in action.
  11. fjbruening
    Thanks! I didn't realize this. I guess I don't know what the Comet cable is really compatible with.

    I do know it works with my iphone, but I don't have an android device to test it on.
  12. paulgc
    Impulse buy... just ordered the Atlas from their web site. Was initially going to order the Vega but out of stock and decided to do this new release.
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  13. Rlin987
    I ordered both of Atlas and Comet right after they update the Website :D
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  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I have a droid and it is +/- for volume and play pause
  15. ExpiredLabel
    Might be the first ALO headphones Im actually looking forward to personally (in reference to the Atlas). I should head down to the store here in portland and try these out ASAP
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