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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. fjbruening
    I've been listening for a few hours to the Comet's I picked up this afternoon, and I think CFA make a big mistake on the pricing, these things are stupid good for their price. Seriously, how much better can the Atlas be for 6x the cost?!?

    They blow away my Etymotic 4p's, and are a joy to listen to compared to SE535's I had for a few months. I've been tempted to pull the trigger on the Audeze iSine 20's, and have listened to them several times. I think the Audeze are slightly better at resolving the highs, (I think, the Comet's are really good too), but I hate the sound bleed in with the 20's, and the bass and mids of the Comets are so much more substantial. That's not to say they're bumped much (if at all), just that these have way more punch / presence than the normal IEM. These IEMs are a blast.

    • Listening to Boston's 1st album, in the dark - wow. Foreplay / Longtime gives me chills.
    • The soundtrack to Inception, one of my favorites has great dynamics. The piano notes ring clear and decay perfectly.
    • The Prodigy's Smack my Bitch Up is almost as physical as the Cascades run thru the Mojo. It's hilarious how good the sound these little things put out is.
    • Blue Man Group - Above, great tight lows, clear highs and mids that cannot be ignored.
    • The Dark Knight OST - stays coherent and again, has wonderful dynamics. The sub sub bass (Why So Serious) @ 3:25 stays together well, I've never heard this low played well on any IEM
    I haven't even amped these thru my Mojo, I've been listening all night on a macbook pro w/tidal.

    Besides the sound quality, they are really comfortable, come with a really nice cable and pouch. The default tips work great for me, but it's nice to see the variety of tips they have to ensure a great fit. Super light and comfortable (full disclosure - I've spent years with silicon tips in my ears with my Ety's) and I'm good with really deep insertion.

    I got Cascades when they came out, and they were my first CA product. They've quickly become my favorite cans, and my Senn's lie neglected. The Comet's were an impulse buy, and I'm shocked at how well they sound. They punch way above their price point.

    At the risk of being labeled a fan-boy I'm going to give some serious listening to CA's other IEM's.

    Comet and un-amped phone is incredibly fun - who'd a thunk it?
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  2. Deftone
    Please report back on comet and mojo pairing when you’ve had the chance to listen. I’d love to order right now but I bet they won’t show up on German dealers for a couple months. I’ll get stung ordering direct from campfire.
  3. bsoplinger
    I'd be curious to hear comparisons of the Comet to the Brainwavz B150 single BA IEM.
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    20180406_130851.jpg 20180406_130830.jpg 20180406_130219.jpg

    I'm a big Sony fanboy and they don't deliver this quality in this range unless it's 5 years after release :wink:
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  5. Ahmad313
    Nice, excellent video as usual ,
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  6. Ahmad313
    i am curious to know about the vocals quality/positioning and the soundstage depth/height , please someone share his thoughts/impressions about these areas , thanks,
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  7. frogut
    hows the quality of the stock cable on the comet?
  8. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    It's good. I put it back on after trying 3 other cables. Coils nicely after use. No tangled mess.
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  9. Kervsky
    I think I wanna shoot myself with a Comet now, but I gotta wait...
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  10. John Culter
    Saw this in a gym today, so ordered a Comet straight away:beyersmile:

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  11. Wiljen
    Well, Today was payday and as promised I have placed my order for the Comet. I'll post a review as soon as I have adequate listening time.
  12. XERO1
    It’s a sign!! :laughing: :children_crossing:
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  13. emptymt
    The Atlas seems like it would be an interesting IEM, I hope it will not be as bassy as the vega with strong dynamic and speed.

    Will it be possible to chose the cable termination on this on the purchase page?

    I think this will pair well with the R6 in terms of look, since both are stainless steel.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  14. nofrio
    Waitin for comparisions between the comet and the LZ-A4. I am looking for a iem with more bass compared to my ety er4xr.
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  15. ouyangx
    Just ordered Comet as my daily earphone for work, will post some impressions based on listening it with my laptop and PHA-2A
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