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New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by raoultrifan, Dec 3, 2018.
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  1. Fasterball
    Never mind my silly question. I read the instructions for updating the firmware then everything went off without a hitch.
  2. Eiffel
    There is a 20% off for Playmate Everest now on Burson.
  3. alota
    i saw this mail. if was past three weeks...LOL
  4. St4v0
    Capture.PNG I tried many times to upgrade the firmware on my playmate but keep getting this error.
    Im on windows 10 x64 and went through all the steps.
    any suggestions please.
  5. Fasterball
    When did you purchase your Playmate?
  6. St4v0
    When it first came out.release day.
    Its version 170
  7. Fasterball
    try uninstalling the old thesycon driver, restart, redownload and reinstall it but run it as an administrator, restart, redownload the DFU.bin file and try to update the firmware. See if that works.
  8. St4v0
    Unfortunately already have thanks,4 times so far with different ways.
    Ive emailed burson but no reply so far.
  9. Fasterball
    Ok sorry man - I had hoped it was something simple. Two thoughts: 1) I wonder if you lucked out and had yours shipped with the updated firmware already - have you tried installing the new driver? Without the firmware update you'll be able to install the driver but it won't recognize the device. If your firmware is already good it will recognize the device and work as intended. 2) Have you tried the process while having your Playmate plugged into a different usb port? I'm not sure why this would change anything but I've seen crazier things fix issues such as these and it may be worth a shot. Burson's customer service is top notch. I'm sure it won't be long before they respond.
  10. Mouseman
    Again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I only get an error when I try to update, too. I got in on the pre-order, so mine is an early one.
  11. raoultrifan
    Mine is an early pre-order too and can't be upgraded. I suppose only the new ones can be upgraded via the USB port.

    However, I'm using the 2.24 driver and I can listen up to DSD256 without any issues. I don't even need anything else and I'm not sure what a driver update will bring me. Existing firmware and driver are working absolutely perfect, without any glitches, not even when using ASIO and fast forwarding the song via Wi-Fi network (to the network shared folder or DLNA server).
  12. Asahi Templar
    I upgraded mine without any issues on windows 10 and mine is a preorder unit.

    I would recommend everyone unplug the playmate and then remove all xmos drivers from your pc before trying to upgrade.

    You need to go into device manager and click show hidden/disconnected devices. Then go to sound and audio devices and remove every instance of xmos drivers you find. To be extra thorough also remove the usbpnp device(that is the microphone for the playmate)

    After you have removed everything restart pc, and then download the Feb 14 xmos driver and the firmware update from Burson. Then install the Feb 14 xmos driver and connect your playmate again. It should work then at least it did for me.
  13. Fasterball
    This was more or less my process as well. Don't forget to run things as administrator just in case.
  14. St4v0
    were the success cases with using the default usb cable that was supplied?
  15. Fasterball
    I used an Audioquest cable. The stock cable was too short for my needs.
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