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New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by raoultrifan, Dec 3, 2018.
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  1. alota
    i know but the hardware decoding of mqa files is made from usb audio player pro, right?
  2. alota
    i wrote to uapp developper and i discovered the problem. when i listen my lgv30 with headhones i have mqa due to license in the phone.when i connect to dac i need to buy mqa license, so this problem is solved.
    about the volume i read that every time that the playmate turns on the volume is 0. in mine the volume is the same when turn off
  3. Eiffel
    It's software decoding, but yes. The player does it and reencode to PCM which is hardwaqre decoded in the DAC.
    Yes, but no need to buy MQA licence as Playmate doesn't know MQA.
    If you use another DAC with MQA support ( some DAC's from iFi have it ) then yes you might be able to have harware MQA decoding in the DAC.
  4. Onik
    Why my Razer Phone 2 don't work with Playmate(front usb-F) input?
  5. Mij-Van
    Have you switched the input?
    If yes, many Android phones struggle with the bit-perfect output to an external dac. You would need a dedicated music app, something like UAPP, which can bypass the Android drivers.
  6. Onik
    Kool just got it working it works for both USB-B and USB-F Many thanks.
  7. alota
    Bought mqa license. Now i have 96 khz in display maximum. When the file is 192 khz the dac always works with 96
  8. DjBobby
    I took a chance on latest Burson offer on 20% off for the V6 op-amps and purchased 4 X Classic Duals to upgrade my Playmate. I fell in love with the Classics previously in the Play, the Fun and the Bang and decided to stick with the Classic's smooth sound signature.

    IMG_1207.jpg IMG_1209.jpg IMG_1211.jpg

    I did first extensive listening with the basic setup featuring 4 X NE5532 op-amps. While the Playmate in the basic version sounded much better than the Play Basic, there was still some space for improvement, especially with the soundstage in symphonic music. The second photo shows a board revision V1.1. I am wondering are there a newer ones?

    IMG_1212.jpg IMG_1213.jpg

    Prepared the Classics to replace the NE5532. I have seen many times people complaining that the V6 op-amps are to high and the lead can't be closed. They fit perfectly, if you don't forget to take out first the DIP8 socket, as seen on the last photo.

    IMG_1214.jpg IMG_1215.jpg

    I tried first the Playmate with the Classic in the I/V stage only. Expecting some hours of burn in ahead, but I will post my initial impressions. With the Classics in the I/V stage only, the Playmate's sound got smoother, more liquid and more "analog". At the same time it lost some zing and shimmer at the top. With bad recordings this was welcome, but with good recordings the sound got a little bit too relaxed and laid back. Having read previously that the I/V stage is more important for shaping the sound or have more impact on the overall sound signature, I haven't expected that adding a second pair of the Classics in the LP stage will do a big further change. But to my surprise it did! The sound got somehow more muscular, more authoritative and got on soundstage depth and width, especially with the recordings featuring big symphony orchestras. Anyway in my case, all 4 x V6 Classics work in much better harmony than 2 Classics and 2 NE5532.
    With the V6 Classics in the Play, it took quite a long until the op-amps got burned in, opened up and got on transparency. Out of the box, they already sound better in the Playmate that they did with the Play. I have a feeling that they will make quite a transformation with the Playmate after giving them a long run in.

    Last edited: May 26, 2019
  9. alota
    @DjBobby same as you with discount i bought one pair of classic and one pair of vivid. The opamp have some mark to put in the right position? Thank you
  10. DjBobby
    From the Burson website:
    Plug it in the right direction
    Align the half moon marking on the PCB or IC socket to the half moon cut out on the SS Op-Amp enclosure.
    alota likes this.
  11. turo91
    I've tried to mount the vivid op amp but they are too high and i can't close the top cover with the screw, is that normal?
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
  12. DjBobby
    Read 3 posts back, all explained there. I have even posted a photo how to remove the socket.
    turo91 likes this.
  13. turo91
    Ok, now it's all clear.

  14. alota
    mine arrived today
  15. Dobrescu George
    Very useful and helpful photos!
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