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New, Burson Playmate 9038 DAC, 2Wpc HeadAmp, Preamp, Changeable opamps.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by raoultrifan, Dec 3, 2018.
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  1. Fasterball
    I've noticed on the Playmate the sound is quieter at similar volume numbers as Play. Before when I'd use the play with my akg 712 pro I would go no higher than 40 on the volume display but on the Playmate 60-65 sounds about the same. I emailed Burson about this and they said they are using a new volume control program which climbs slower than the Play. The uptake is that this was expected but the overall output of the Playmate should be higher.
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  2. raoultrifan
    It’s all about the internal gain, some amps are using a higher gain simply to be compatible with input sources having a low output voltage, like cellphones. I personally preffer lower gains, just to be sure the background noise is lower, but that means input sources with about 2V RMS, but it’s all about how the amp was designed and all it matters is to be within the specs.
  3. DjBobby
    Just came back from a 2-weeks vacation, the Playmate was waiting for me since some time. I was a little bit worried to read about some issues here on the forum, but happily couldn't experience any of them.
    First impressions: dead black background, no hissing no whining. No cuts, no glitches no stops while playing the music through Audirvana+ and MacBook Pro. Maybe some of the issues reported were more OS related? The Playmate shows and plays all available resolutions without any problem. The device is recognized as xCORE USB Audio 2.0, which is exactly the same as the Play. Most of other dacs are recognized by their brand or model name which is more convenient if you want to do some comparative testing. Having the Play and the Playmate connected at the same time, both of them are shown with the same name. The sound is mellow and less sharp than the Playmate.
    I will listen for a while with the stock pampas before I try rolling the opamps. Although I prefer Classics, I am interested to try the Vivids + Classics combo as well, just am not sure which one would be recommended for which section. Any suggestions?
  4. Eiffel
    Try Classics in I/V and Vivids in LP/Gain.
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  5. cqtek
  6. St4v0
    Nice in depth review,the first I think so far.
  7. Asahi Templar
    Finally got my Playmate in and it sounded amazing .....for one day. After powering it down and coming back the next day, the headphone output stopped working.

    After doing some troubleshooting it seems one of the op amps burned out after a day, swapping them around causes one channel to work in some combinations. I have ordered some more op amps to test further but disappointing to say the least.

    My Playmate installed the USB core drivers automatically and goes up to 384khz. It is possible for windows to do 768khz as the Topping D50 could do it but it requires custom drivers to be able to do it. I was not able to get DSD 512 to work in the one day I had to test it either as Burson driver is too old to handle it.
    They need to update it
    On a positive note the Everest Playmate does look nice and here is a photo. DSC_0129.JPG
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  8. Audio Addict Contributor
    Which V6 opamp burned out, the vivid or a classic? Mine just came today as well. Alex referenced the Everest as their Classic Silver. I thought it was going to be a darker tone silver.
  9. Asahi Templar
    I havent been able to tell which one it is, I spent a hour and half swapping them around but results were inconsistant or maybe I was just too tired to figure it out. Some combinations caused the Left channel to work, Some the Right, most neither of them. My assumption is that there is one LP/HEadphone slot and one I/V slot for each channel, but I cant tell which corresponds to which channel. If there is a bad op amp in either the I/V or LP for one channel that channel doesnt work based on my results thus far, but without knowing which one corosponds to which channel its quite irritating to puzzle out. SO I just ordered some Muses 8920 and will install all of them, then just swap out one by one the Burson op amps to see which is not working.

    Yeah its a interesting color, lighter than the Magi/Modi. I think it looks nice, the knob is very shiny, I guess it will be a fingerprint magnet.
  10. DjBobby
    Can somebody who has both the Playmate and the Play, try to power on the Play with the Playmate's power supply? I've tried but strangely the Play doesn't react at all.
  11. DjBobby
  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    Will it be the Noir or the Everest for the 2019 Playmate of the Year??

    Sorry, I could not resist :)
  13. DjBobby
    I am all for diversity and equal opportunity :).
  14. buylow
    Long time lurker, first time poster so please excuse my questions :)

    Does anyone know or have the ability to test the Burson Playmate with PS4. Specifically the ability to use the mic input and sound out over USB (i.e. not using optical at all). The PS4 USB is renowned as being quite picky with USB dacs and when I asked Burson directly, they said they hadn't tested it on PS4 so couldn't say whether it would work. I appreciate that not many people would buy this dac/amp to use with a PS4, but I was after a solid amp that I could use for gaming and music.

    Many thanks
  15. Fasterball
    Can you guys give me some input? What volume do you use when listening to your Sennheiser 650s or HE-400i?
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