New Burson Conductor - V2 and V2+

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sunwarrior, Feb 17, 2016.
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  1. Matias
    If your budget allows, try a ISO Regen + LPS-1 on the input of the CV2+ and see if you like it. Or maybe the Schiit Eitr on the coax input, it has been very hyped on reviews.
  2. EternalChampion
    I fully agree with what you had said in your review, wishing its dac would reach a bit lower in sub bass. It is that extra bit of sub bass gutsy feeling that I'm missing too. :triportsad: I'm getting this with my STX II though, but not at the same level of quality...And btw the Sennheisers are really capable of providing that feeling down below with the PC sound card. So it's the V2+ dac that, like you said, wants to keep the more neutral stance.
  3. EternalChampion
    Btw to make myself clear, when I say "lacking" I mean its low bass doesn't satisfy me the way I wanted and believed it would. It is by no means an ultra shallow bass that's for sure. It just fails to reach the bottom end. And this is something that cannot be fixed with different, bassier headphones because it will still fail to deliver such low frequencies and the impact regardless of the headphones.
    Whether this is due to the ESS chip or Burson tuning, I really have no idea.

    I bought the Asus Essence III a few months back. Basically the same price as V2+ but wayyy different approach. I returned it because although it had that nice depth, texture and rumbling in its sub bass (better than STX II), it was a hell of a thick sound! it sounded unbearably dense and congested with headphones such as the HD650 for example.
    I really like the overall approach and the fundamentals of V2+ and with a few adjustments in its bass and vocals (more alive and vibrant) it will become phenomenal.

    And I have the feeling that the Burson engineers won't disappoint!
  4. xevman
    Is there a way to view the incoming sampling rate of the dac? I just setup bit perfect playback + dsd on foobar2000. Selected DSD : Wasapi (push) Burson Conductor as the output. I want to know if its actually working as my previous dac had sampling rate lights so I could physically see. I tried using the xmos usb driver but it doesnt say the current sampling rate its just blank (no device connected). Is it safe to assume its working fine?
  5. Sound Eq
    and how would burson engineers solve this with the v2+ for you, u mean releasing a v3

    i for one love the sound of v2+ with focal elear and lcd x, I am just surprised you use a high end dac/amp with such non totl headphones, just upgrade your headphones to get the real deal of the burson. I for one always used to use eq with dac/amps to get bass that I love, but with burson I use no eq what so ever, and that speaks volume in my books

    just change your headphones as the v2+ deserves a totl headphone
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  6. EternalChampion
    Of course I meant a V3, what did you think? Not just for me. For everybody who likes Burson audio products but doesn't find V2+ ideal because of its neutrality.

    You're making it sound so simple but it isn't. The dac sets the tone and the headphones follow. Like I said before, I'm getting the type of bass that I want from my STX II but not from V2+. This is a non headphone related issue.

    Even if I purchase the most basshead headphones out there, still they won't be getting the type of juice I'm looking for from the dac.
  7. peter123
    It really hope that Burson won't make a bass tilted less neutral offering (and I seriously doubt they will). Most manufacturers and enthusiasts go a long way to find the most neutral sound, there's plenty of colored amplifiers and dac's.

    Your current headphones doesn't reproduce sub bass so I'm still puzzled by how you have come to your conclusion....
  8. Matias
    I agree: get some Audeze LCD-X headphones and you will get subbass definition to the max. Now they are 1200usd without the hardcase.
  9. EternalChampion
    I remind you Virtuoso and its two dac options. Although I never heard those, logic says that the Burr Brown version was more bass focused but as I said I never took a listen and thus I'm completely unaware of the (sub)bass it produced. Maybe the time has come for another dual option?

    I really doubt you'll spend around 400 Euros for the STX II + 3x V5 duals in order to understand what I'm trying to say here :beyersmile: It's not a headbanging situation. It is all about the right amount of sub bass texture, impact and rumbling that gives me a "shiver". Forcing to sit still and enjoy. Hitting straight to the guts! And the HD600 are just perfect. Even better than the HD650 in that regard.

    What else can I say....All I can say is this: Once someone does the above (....400 Euros....), then launch foobar and reduce mid bass area a bit, and play something like this

    This sound card with the upgraded op amps does not produce much of a different flavor compared to the V2+ but it gives the extra juice down below and the vocals are undoubtedly better (more present and expressive).

    So it's not like a mildly tweaked V3+ will kill the neutrality of V2+ for good, in case Burson decides to develop a single dac option.
  10. xevman
    Has anyone experienced driver issues? I just installed the latest XMOS driver off the burson website and it doesn't seem to be working. Native DSD fails to play and says driver failed to initialise in foobar. Playing my DSD files via DoP works fine though so no big deal there. When I open the XMOS USB audio control panel it also says no device is connected. I've tried older versions of the driver to no avail.
  11. omniweltall
    Can you show pics?

    From my experience, it is better not to use DoP with CV2+. It sounds better to play DSD natively. (I notice less difference with other DACs).
  12. xevman
    Here are some images. The xmos driver just refuses to install. Same issue appears on both my desktop pc and t530 with fresh install of Windows 10. In the sound options you can clearly see its just running off the native Windows 10 USB audio 2.0 drivers as 32bit depth isnt available as an option. I've tried going to device manager and manually installing the driver and have had no luck.

  13. mandrake50
    Just curious, is there any 32 bit music out there? I just haven't seen it if so. What are you missing then at 24 bit?
  14. xevman
    You aren't missing out on anything. 24bit I think offers 136db of dynamic range that's more than enough for even the most demanding classical recordings. Heck even 16bit bit depth which is equal to 96db is plenty as most music is poorly mastered anyway. Not to mention the fact that most DACs don't even offer 24bits effective due to poor implementation. Most 24bit DACs only offer slightly more dynamic range than a good 16bit one.
  15. davidland
    informative thread
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