New Burson Conductor - V2 and V2+

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sunwarrior, Feb 17, 2016.
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  1. Sound Eq
    is there a link to download it
  2. jerick70
  3. Sound Eq
  4. Matias
    Okonkwo, interesting report. I have ordered the DAC and USB board and I was just wondering if my Win10 Fall Creator's Upgrade would run it natively. Thanks for confirming.

    For information, I asked if they had plans to release an upgraded DAC board, maybe based on Sabre 9028PRO chip and/or SS V6 opamp. They answered that no plans to upgrade the DAC board yet.

    Now waiting to get my boards and do the installation myself.
  5. Okonkwo
    Just to clarify, the new MS USB Audio 2.0 driver is integrated into latest version of Windows 10 (v 1709). According to Microsoft, this upgrade will be pushed out automatically to all licensed PCs in the next couple of weeks. This means everyone will get it - even if you do nothing. However, if you want it right now, you can force the upgrade by going to Microsoft Support "Get the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update" . The new audio driver is just a tiny piece of the latest upgrade, which includes a bunch of new apps and enhancements.
    The whole upgrade process took me about 30 mins (with multiple reboots). When everything finished, I went to Programs and de-installed any 3rd party audio drivers. After that I just plugged the CV2+ into an open USB port and watched Windows magically auto-configure everything.
    As for the SQ, I like it for the way it doesn't sound. It doesn't sound antiseptic or "polite" as some computer based audio does. It has nice depth and plenty of punch. To sum it up, it sounds like a high quality CD player, only better.
  6. mtoc
    actually Burson was OEMed by AGD....
  7. Sound Eq
    in the new update of the driver called xcore-USB Audio 2.0 in the new windows update
  8. Matias
    I have been using my CV2 now upgraded to CV2+ with the native Microsoft drivers for Win10 without any issues. Just have to remember to go to device settings - advanced and change from the default 16/44 to the max 24/384, and it works fine.
  9. Josef Parran
    Which tube DAC is that peter?

    edit: it's the Advance Acoustic MDA-503
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  10. Sound Eq
    can i ask how do u change the fuse , as i have one fuse i want to try out
  11. Matias
    If I remember correctly, on the IEC connector on the back there is a slot that you can you a screwdriver to open, it is like a little drawer that holds the fuse.

    Now my question: I noticed that the DAC board has a single 100MHz 0.1 ppm clock. I though that good DAC practice dictates that there should be a clock for 44.1kHz and another for 48kHz, isn't it? Unless the DAC upsamples everything to a fixed sample rate for which 100 MHz is a multiple? I also saw other DACs using this. Does anyone know why 100 MHz?
  12. EternalChampion
    I've already contacted Burson Audio expressing some of my views on V2+ and I decided to go on here in more depth. I usually try to avoid saying much whenever happens to review stuff because I don't feel comfortable enough with my level of English but I'll do my best.

    I'm obviously talking purely subjectively in regards to some of my thoughts, but I'm sure some of my arguments will sound logical nevertheless. In my opinion, Conductor needs a couple of tweaks in order to become more thorough and complete.

    What I'll say next reflects my impressions when using the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 and the Asus STX II (3x Burson V5 op amps) dac compared against the dac section of V2+.

    But before moving on to the main subject, a few words for the analogue section: To my ears, it sounds just..perfect. The tonal balance is great, from sub bass presence (reaches lower than Soloist SL MK2) and impact to the amazing treble extension and the trails of cymbals (I have addiction to the V5 op amps!). Wonderful sense of soundstage and its elements. More alive, more of...everything.
    A word of advice to Burson: No need to change much in this area aside from any welcomed...improvements! I just hope that the darker sounding V6 components (I haven't tried the op amps yet) in the new device when it finally gets released won't mess with that cymbal resolution, which has become a trademark - to my ears - of the Burson products.

    Now to cut to the chase...The dac! Just like what Peter said in his review, "lean and clean". But where's the sub bass, folks?? What a shame. It could have merged with the amp section so beautifully. I listen to almost every genre, and most of the tracks require sub bass texture, impact and depth. Big drums don't have enough "height" and won't provide that satisfying low vibration. This is essential to really enjoy the music. To feel it. And I'm simply not getting this with V2+ dac. That is why I frequently resort to my STX II for these type of music, despite not being on par in quality. By adding more energy at low frequencies I believe will also help for the instruments, especially strings to come out just a tiny bit more fleshy, which I think it is a good thing to have with the current sound of V2+.

    Lead singer Vocals: I'm sure many of you will agree with me. They feel a bit muted, somehow dull, like being compressed of some sort at the back and need to be unleashed towards the listener. They sound overly smoothed out and lack the necessary natural texture into them. This is one major disappointment related to the dac section and a paradox I would say because the V5 op amps really excel in vocals. I remember when I put the V5 on my sound card, what struck me first was the center voices that came up front strong with that nice texture and "bite" into them. Who really doesn't want to get that natural vibrance from an emotional/energetic performance??

    Distorted guitars: The extra energy causes my ears to pick up quick fatigue while listening to some tracks that I'm used to rather sit back and enjoy non-stop for hours. They feel a bit "pushy" instead of flowing nicely. An example is the song Everybody's fool by Evanescence at moderate volume. Once finished, a couple of minutes for my ears to relax was necessary before moving on to the next track. This is not good!

    So to sum it up, Burson CV2+ provides top-notch and crystal clear audio experience no doubt about that. I would describe its analogue section as spectacular and flawless. However a few adjustments are needed - again to my ears - for its dac section to sound great as well.

    I'm too harsh and demanding because I consider myself to be a Burson fan boy. :)
  13. Matias
    @EternalChampion your English is fine, mine is also not my native language.
    In my experience the digital side of things can have a big impact on the "glassy", "bright", "opaque" and "harshness" of the sound reproduction. Even power impacts digital sources more than amplifiers.
    How are you connecting your CV2+ digital input? Using USB straight to a computer? Using any USB filters at all? Or maybe using the coax input? From which source?
    What power cable and/or power conditioning?
  14. peter123
    It sounds as if you are looking for a less neutral dac, a lot of people prefer the dac to be as neutral as possible but sometimes and with some headphones there may be a need for something else.

    I don't think that the dac section on the V2+ lack subbass at all, the two headphones you're mentioning does however. I'd still describe the dac section as lean and clean and I like it but (as already mentioned) with some headphones I want something fuller and more lush so I'm using a tube DAC as well. Having the possibility to switch between the two dac's gives me the best of both worlds and is a great solution for me.....
  15. EternalChampion
    No conditioners or any other devices are involved. I've tried all 3 digital inputs: USB straight from my desktop PC gives by far the cleanest signal, followed by Coax and then Optical, both provided by the Asus STX II. They all differ sonically very slightly but the general concept of the music remains, as expected, the same.
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