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New Burson Conductor - V2 and V2+

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by sunwarrior, Feb 17, 2016.
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  1. SunWarrior
    Did you see that Burson is coming out with the next generation of their Conductor headphone amp (also preamp and, if you want, DAC)?
    This is a more powerful version of the current Conductor Virtuoso.
    The V2 is headphone amp and preamp, while the V2+ adds the ESS chip DAC.
    I saw on Part-Time Audiophile that the initial batch of units is available at a discount on Indiegogo.
    That's here: Conductor V2
    Now, I've been very pleased by the Conductor Virtuoso that I have in my secondary system, used for all three functions.
    Does this interest anyone else?
    Dave, who has found that both the quality of Burson audio equipment and the good people who run the company make him happy
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  2. Burson Audio
    Thanks for all the support Head-fi from fellow Head-Fier. Please do come and check out this campaign and give us feedback / questions. 
    Burson Audio Stay updated on Burson Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/BursonAudio https://twitter.com/bursonaudio http://www.bursonaudio.com/products/
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  3. Matias
    I wonder if the V2 is a significant upgrade to the Soloist?
  4. Hifi59
    I'm in line to buy one so long as it has the same sound signature as the Soloist but with more power. No other amp mates as well with LCD headphones than a Burson in my experience.o thought their was going to be 3 tiers though.
    All I see is the basic amp/ preamp (V2) and the V2+ with Dac.
  5. iDesign
    I just saw this on Burson's website as well. Their Indigogo campaign is interesting because it seems Burson is seeking to lower the price of the V2 to $999 and the V2+ to $1499 which is 25% less than the Conductor Virtuoso. I felt the performance of the Conductor Virtuoso was already decent and I'm surprised its been discontinued so quickly.  
  6. Middy
    A new generation and affordable Burson headphone Amp dac.

    I was trying to figure out how to start a thread but it's done 8^).

    I am gutted I can't afford or can't take advantage of a superb opportunity. A no brainer without risk...

    At least I got the chance to get the ball rolling with a dollar.

    Good luck all @ Burson, not that you need it. 8^)

    Kind regards
    Dave P
  7. SuperDuke
    I've been a Burson fan since the original HP amp came out and still have a 160D.  The only downside to my 160D is the stepped attenuator that pops when turning the knob.  I keep contact cleaner handy and spray it every so often and it's not bad.  Looks like this issue will be worked out in the new models w/ a different attenuator.
    Really looking forward to hearing the new Conductor.  in the video- Does anyone know what the large component next to the New conductor is? looks like some kind of outboard power supply but I could not find it on the Burson site.  I'm guessing that does not come w/ the new Conductor.
  8. Middy
    Just a note, got some CAIG DEOXIT today after doing some research. Just the little tubes red and gold. See IFI IPURIFIER 2 Thread. Better sound..

    It worked nice, but I saw that the spray version works on Pots YouTube... Just wish I could get a Burson..
    Good luck and keep smiling...
  9. iDesign
    Technically Burson reused still images of the Conductor Virtuoso throughout the video (see here). That suggests the new V2 and V2+ share the Conductor Virtuoso's old 6mm aluminum enclosure. By using one enclosure across the product range, it will be easier for Burson to order higher quantities of raw materials and parts to keep the costs down. The product next to it is the Timekeeper Virtuoso which is a power amp/monoblock designed to power speakers. 
  10. SuperDuke
    Wow! the TImekeeper Virtuoso has a tractor tire for a transformer.  That would make the HE6 do pony tricks.  $3500.00-  Oh well...
  11. Matias
    Timekeeper is a speaker amp.
  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    The pages are up on their website.
  13. oatp1b1
    Yes? HE-6 can/should be connected to speaker tabs for the best results.
  14. bary
    Just smashed the buy button on the V2+. Can't wait to get my copy!
  15. Ormia
    Does anyone know if the V2 is user- upgradeable to V2+ afterwards?
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