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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. WilliamLeonhart
    What a pity they discontinued the Air. I even mailed them asking if they had any stock left. I suppose the Play would be better in all regards but the Air was a transportable unit... Perhaps that was why it failed too, the market for that design is all too crowded
  2. Eiffel
    Still appears in the "clearance" list... But their web designer is the lazy kind of guy... Even today the Swing has wrong specs ( Playmate ones ) and the pics are from the Play.
    I believe they had a reason for that. Even the warranty for the product was only 2 years. But I love the design it has.
    Perhaps because it was the opposite of what they claim - was only IC inside - no discrete parts. Perhaps due to the fact that V5i are a bit less stable than their big brothers, or maybe because it drawn very fast the batteries ( had to use it with a powerbank ), I don't know.
  3. raoultrifan
    I do hope they'll do a newer version of Air, who knows...
    If not, then Chord Mojo might be a good option (if you can ignore batteries issue, otherwise sound is a bliss).
  4. WilliamLeonhart
    I did have it for a while. Both my friend and I bought it. Then his had some problem with the battery, not the battery itself but the controller or something. The local distributor can't provide repair service because Chord use their proprietary chip design. Sending it in and having it repaired by Chord will cost more than buying a C5D used, so up till now it's still sitting there collecting dusts. I sold mine right away... I liked the sound but a hobby shouldn't cause you so much headache.
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  5. WilliamLeonhart
    By the way, to all the guys that already have the Play (or some other DAC with variable-output amp), treat yourself and get the Bang. At $200 during the current sale it's no-brainer. Find a pair of vintage speakers on craiglist and your headphones will stay in storage for longer periods. Which was my case at least.
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  6. lardyl
    I liked the play so much I bought a bang and a fun at the discount price, both with the v5 upgrades. The missus will hate me but the Castle Stirling speakers will love them.

    My local power company and their dirty mains left three of my Musical Fidelity amps dead with shorted toroidal transformers so those speakers were looking forward to some class A/B action.
  7. kebcy
    Hello guys!

    Just a quick question!

    I got a new fun plus swing combo coz of a discount by burson. My question would be, how should I connect it to my PC?

    Like this set up:

    PC -> Burson Swing (DAC/PREAMP) -> Burson Fun (PREAMP) -> Headphones
    PC -> Burson Fun (PREAMP) -> Burson Swing (DAC/PREAMP) -> Headphones

    Also which pre-in lines should I use in these two case, and what is the benefits / disadvantages the above setup?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,
  8. Eiffel
    Well, this is the Play topic, not the Swing one.
    There is only one way to connect them. Only Swing has USB input, so it's the only one that can be connected to a PC.
    Fun is not quite a preamp - even if it act like one - but an amplifier. So it's the only one with a Headphone connector. Swing doesn't have one.

    So only the first setup is viable.

    You should use the Line Out of Swing - not the Pre-Amp one. You will control the volume from Fun.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2019
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  9. kebcy

    Yes I knew that this is not the Swing topic, but the Play one. I also got a Play unit.

    Sorry for my irrelevant question, but my past experencie said I should ask this question cause it is somehow related to the Play (well, not exactly as much as I feel) and cause people here tend to be reply much more faster than other topic.

    Thank you the answer Eiffel!

  10. Wiljen
    It is going to depend on whether you are using the remote to control volume.

    If not using the remote, I like USB to Swing from computer, then DAC out to FUN from Swing. This allows you to control volume via the Fun with a fixed level output from the Swing.

    Using the remote for volume control, it is probably best to set the Fun to 50% of total volume and use the pre-amp out on the Swing so you have the ability to use the remote to control volume.
    DAC out is set level so the remote wont function as a volume control if using it.
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  11. kebcy
    Well, right now my setup looks like this:

    PC USB cable -> Burson Swing -> Burson Swing Pre Out dedicated cable -> Burson Fun RCA In | Burson Fun 6.3 Jack -> Berdynamic Amiron Home 250Ohm

    With this, I am able to use the volume controller to reduce or increase the volume on the Swing, and manually I am able to give even more volume on my Fun, also I am able to use the filters and the gains on the DAC, but I am not able to increase the volume in my Windows strangely, tho if I listen music on Spotify / iTunes / or some FLAC I can change the volume.

    The Swing output (on the led indicator) shows it's on "PRE-OUT""
  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    The best sonics would be using the DAC out on the Swing to the Fun. This eliminates all the volume related components in the path but requires the manual volume control of the Fun. Convenience is the remote preamp function of the Swing, while quality uses the manual volume of the Fun.
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  13. kebcy
    Thank you! So actually for the very first time I put it all together pretty well, I was just so confused that I blew up this setup and re-attached to another slots and fiddled with the built-in options on the swing.. so then, I will stick to the original "best sonics" setup, tho do I have to change anything in thee built-in menu except the output, and the file format.
    Actually I don't hear out anything from these options, so I guess I stick to the default one.

    Actually now the sound feels much more "in front of me" or like a punch into my face. Have to admit, right now this setup gives much more cleaner sound, and wider sound-stage then the original Play gave.

    Thank you, again the kind help!
  14. Audio Addict Contributor
    Actually the recommendation is from Alex at Burson Audio. He passed it on to me suggesting to give it a try.
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  15. Onik
    Does the Bang has any hissing issues?

    I’m thinking to get one to pair with EMU-XM7(6 ohm).

    currently experiencing constant hiss while paired with SB X7.
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