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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. raoultrifan
    Even if you unplug the power supply for a couple of minutes, after plugging in again, do you still have the mute issue?
    If it's not a software-related issues, then I wonder if this could be from the internal switch button on the rotary knob.
    I assume you have no remote, so you can't test if mute is working with a remote, right?
  2. lardyl
    I suspect it's a hardware issue (the old bath tub curve for failure), there is no change when powered down/off. It worked probably 20 or 30 times the first couple of days and now does not respond at all.

    Might have to send it back, but it sounds so good.......
  3. lardyl
    Burson customer service came up with the goods. They are going to ship a control board to me and it'sa user replaceable part.

    I've located some remote control codes to use with an old universal remote.

    The dac is now integrated into my hi-fi system with an old laptop and it rocks. Plus I've got the remote control android apps for foobar and vlc so I don't need to use the dac's volume control, just use the cellphone over WiFi to control the volume.
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  4. C-Bass
    Lardyl, sorry you had all the trouble. I feel partly responsible as I believe I was the one that recommend you the Play on massdrop. I run mine on windows 10 and had zero issues. I'm glad to hear everything is taken care of. I hope you enjoy the sound as I really think for the current price it punches well above its weight. Hopefully I'm not wrong about that.
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  5. lardyl
    Hey, no worries, I'm glad you directed me there, the driver issue was kind of fun/enlightening to sort out and the volume control is just a fact of life - the old bath curve working itself out.
    They provide good support, are local to me (just over the Tassie) and have a 5 year warranty. So what's not to like?
    Given the sound through my hi-fi and the limited listening on my headphones then I wish I'd bought another one when it was on special for $299 with the V5 op-amps, like it was for previous customers last weekend. That would have been a real bargian.
  6. snellemin
    I had the Play for a while with the stock NE5532 X 3, NE554 X 2. Swapped over the Burson V6 Classics and two V5 and all hell broke lose. The unit works for a few hours and then goes dead. After some trouble shooting, I replaced the opamps with a different set of Burson's and same thing happend again after while longer. After a while(cool down maybe) it worked for a bit, but the volume went to the max and heard a loud pop on the left driver. Like it shorted out. So now I have an earache and a bad unit I thought. So I'm thinking my Burson's opamps got way too hot.
    The PC would see the Play, and music would be playing, but zero output from the Play. I swapped out the LPF (V5) and the volume got erratic and the unit died again.

    Anyways I swapped out the Burson's and went with OPA2134 for the I/V and Muses 8920 for the LPF. I also used 2 OPA604 for the preamp stage. The unit has been working for 2.5 hours straight now and sounds quiet nice. The unit isn't hot at all with these opamps vs with the Burson's installed.
    So I'm guessing burned out a few Burson's opamps!
  7. raoultrifan
    Just stick to MUSES 8920 in IV and LPF and you'll be OK. Also, the default NE5532/JRC5532D are just fine.
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  8. holden4th
    My V6 Vivid PLAY arrived back today via Australia Post. It had been to Burson's factory to have the lack of power fixed and has been out of my hands for over three weeks. I asked Addicted to Audio, the suppliers, what Burson determined the problem to be but Guillaume from ATA said they didn't tell him.

    I now think I know why as I believe that Burson have supplied a completely new device. There are a couple of clues to this for me. The box it came back in said it was the US model (the original was definitely AU not US) but the power brick is rated from 110/240V. Secondly, there were two remote controls in the box. OK, this could all be to do with packaging but the unit itself looks pristine, no evidence of finger prints and most importantly, it doesn't rock on a flat surface. I had to put extra feet on the return model to create stability. So Burson seem to have come to the party and replaced the faulty unit which I'll spend time burning in again. I'm tempted to open the cover and see what version the MB is.

    All in all, it's great to have this amazing DAC/Amp back and I thank both Burson and ATA for their approach to solving the problem
  9. kebcy
    Hello dear Burson users!

    I already have a BursonAudio Play with a 3 X V6V-D and 2 X V6C-S and I am thinking about to buy the BANG but I have two questions.

    What will gonna give the BANG after all if it's only a "simple" PowerAmp? Is it worth to invest into a BANG or no? I know it won't give me better sound quality, but I am a bit lost now, cause I already started to look after for the Woo-Audio amps (Firefly 2nd gen with Vacuum Tube) and I am not sure now where should I invest my money and also my Playtime too. :)
    If I buy the BANG which one should I buy? There is a Classic and the Vivid one.. I am not sure which is which. I mean I know different cans, different tastes but if someone owns one, please share the experiences with me.

    Thank you the kind answers!

  10. DarKu
    Hey Kebcy,

    I am not really sure you realized Bang will drive only your passive speakers and not your headphones, is that what you want?
    If that is the case, Play at low gain works really well with the Bang, I'm using both with a pair of bookshelf speakers with great results. Bang works well with Play, no doubt about that.
  11. kebcy

    I would love to pair like this : Burson Bang )like power amp?) -> Burson Play -> Beyerdynamic Amiron Home
  12. Eiffel
    Bang is only a power amplifier - to power ( shelf or floor ) Speakers. NOT headphones.

    From what you say you want Bang as source (?!!!) to power the Play ? That's not only nonsense but also impossible,

    If you want an amplifier for you headphones - other than the Play - which is enough btw, you can try FUN.

    So you can have:
    Burson Play -> Beyerdynamic Amiron Home
    Burson Play -> FUN -> Beyerdynamic Amiron Home
    Burson Play -> Bang - > Speakers. Like... Monitor Audio Monitor 200 ( just an example )

    You cannot have
    Burson Bang -> Burson Play -> Beyerdynamic Amiron Home This is impossible.
    Also you cannot have
    Burson Play -> Burson Bang -> Beyerdynamic Amiron Home It may burn your headphones.
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  13. WilliamLeonhart
    Is there a way to set the Play to "low" gain? I thought the gain level is fixed and there's just no button to switch it
    You can technically have Play > Fun > headphones, but I think that would be pointless.
  14. DarKu
    I forgot that Bang has an internal gain switch and not the Play, sorry, it's my mistake.
  15. Eiffel
    True - more harmonic distortions. But it's possible.
    Again ? :D
    B.T.W. I like your new site, but not the way you have to log for comments.
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