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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. Audio Addict Contributor
    I actually have the Fun but also have a few other headphone amplifiers without DACs to try it with. I plan to connect ultimately to my EMC 535SE.
  2. Audio Addict Contributor
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  3. selvakumar
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  4. Audio Addict Contributor
    I have my Playmate set up instead of the Play and the default volume for the hE400i is 18-20. The default gain is "High" for this range. If I switch to "Low" gain, then to get the same volume you are over 60.
  5. DjBobby
    Could you please try to power the Play with Playmate's power supply? I've tried that but the Play doesn't react.
  6. Audio Addict Contributor
    They are different power supplies, at least on the outside. I sent an email to Burson Audio to ask if you can swap them. They are 12 hours ahead so it's midnight there. I will let you know what they say.
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  7. holden4th
    My PLAY has been with Burson for well over a week now and no news about what is going to happen. It seems as if power supply is an issue for this umpdel as this is the second PLAY where the PSU has died. The plus for me is that I decided to upgrade from the V5i to the V6 Vivid so warranty is not going to be an issue I'm also hoping that the replacement model comes directly from Burson and not the retailer. From what I can gather, Burson might have solved the PLAY PSU issue with their latest MB upgrade. I don't really want an earlier model from the retailer. One point to note, the retailer has been extremely helpful and I can't fault their service.
  8. raoultrifan
    What PLAY board revision, please?
    Do you keep your PSU in your mains power outlet 24/7?
    I have two PlAY PSUs and never had an issue with none of them. Are we speaking about the external 120-230V to 12V/6A PSU, right?
  9. holden4th
    I'm not sure which board revision I have as I never opened the case. I have had this plugged in and powered 24/7, connected to 230V mains via the 12V/6amp power brick that Burson supplies with the unit. What concerns me is that this is a different unit to the original V5i that I bought and is this maybe an issue with the play.
  10. DjBobby
    I have both the Play with the "old" PSU which works well and the new Playmate with newer version PSU. Although they have exactly same voltage/amperage I was not able to power the Play with Playmate's PSU. Maybe the problem is not with the Play but the compatibility of the new PSU.
  11. Wiljen
    I found sometime back that a Fanless PC power supply works well for running the Burson gear. It is a lot less cluttered if you have several units (Play, Fun, Bang, and now Swing here). With most only needing 5A, a 550 is plenty. The Bang is the exception at 10A but still fits within that size brick as most have a 12V rail capable of 40-45 Amps. You can check the specs for the units and make sure the 12V rail is capable of enough amperage to cover everything you want to plug in, Most have several SATA and peripheral ports that can each be used to attach a device. Spec for the SATA connector is up to 5A per rail, while connectors for the peripheral side are higher and can be used for the Bang with its 10A requirement. The other nice thing is PC power supplies are generally very good AC/DC convertors and may actually be better than a lot of wall-wart style supplies at providing clean power.
  12. raoultrifan
    You really need a very low noise PC PSU for this, or very sensitive IEMs to test if noise appears on the jack's outputs.
  13. Wiljen
    I run one of the big Seasonic models that is very well rated and used the Magaosi K5 to test and never picked up a hint of noise from it. YMMV.
  14. Renfield1217
    Hi Raoul,

    Just wanted to thank you for posting the graphs, they really help with the filters.
    Only issue I am currently having is when I use the Playmate as a preamp to my main system, am getting some RFI. Have replaced the connecting cable, but made no diff.
    One thing I did find was that the HP output high/low setting also works on the RCA out in preamp mode.

  15. Eiffel
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