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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. DjBobby
    I have the same issue on the right channel. To my understanding it is the digital noise leaking to the analog section of the Play. It is present also through the RCA output. The right channel is closer to the digital section, therefore more prone to the interferences. Burson made few revisions of PCB board addressing this issue, I guess with the better shielding the digital section.
    In my experience, Burson is very quick answering the e-mails, they might ask you to send them the picture of the board.
  2. Onik
    glad to know that Im not the only one :0 If you had the same issue did you find any solution to eliminate this right channel hissing? or you did receive replacement from Burson?
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  3. DjBobby
    Didn't have much time to follow it up. Burson kindly offered to send me new PCB design version 2.0 and also I was informed that the successor Playmate got a brand new power supply design, which might address the noise issue. Instead of getting the new PCB and/or new power supply I went on with the new Playmate. It's still stack since last week at the customs. In the meantime using the Play with less sensitive dark headphones and as a preamp for Bang, the noise doesn't bother me much. To be honest, almost forgot about it.
  4. Onik
    still waiting for response from Burson Audio.
  5. Fasterball
    The noise was a problem on my Play as well but only if I used easy to drive headphones.
  6. Elocai
    @Onik post a picture of your power supply, that was the issue with mine.
    op-amps won´t have any impact, also check if the hissing persists with usb disconnected
  7. Onik
    Kool I’ll do it once I get home, yes the hissing start just after turning the play on even with no usb plugged in.
  8. Onik
    Here you go m8

    edit: just tried with molex power cable and the result is same(constant hiss on the right channel) now I am sure that this amp is faulty :frowning2:
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  9. selvakumar
    its new version 2.3
  10. Elocai
    @Onik ok, seems you have a new psu, so shouldn´t be an issue then.
    Well lets see what Burson says. Can confirm that their Playmates background is dead silent / black even with sensitive headphones. But that Product arrived just some days ago so reviews are scare, imo it´s better then then Play but I still run into some smaller issues, sound wise there is some cross talk for example.
  11. holden4th
    I got my first PLAY (V5i) in May last year. It lasted until mid July when the power supply died. I wasn't told exactly what the problem was but it was certainly internal and not the power brick. When I was offered a replacement I opted to pay for the upgrade to a V6 Vivid (another $180). Today, the power on this died as well. Has anyone had issues like this with the PLAY. Normally, if I have a repeat issue with a piece of equipment, I simply ask for my money back. However the PLAY is so good for the price I'm going to give it a third try. MY PLAY is plugged into a power board with a surge suppressor. That said, none of the other gear I've got plugged into it has had any issues.
  12. raoultrifan
    Sorry to hear that. :frowning2:

    However, even if you're not using a surge suppressor, still the output of the power brick shouldn't ever exceed 12V, so the internal power regulators should not be affected by power fluctuations from your mains.

    I wasn't using my PLAY intensively lately, but in the first couple of month yes...I had it used a lot (a total of 100 hours perhaps).

    Why don't you contact Burson and then let us know the results?
  13. Fasterball
    I just started using the Playmate and I like it a lot. Consequently, I have quite a few single op amps that I'd be willing to let go of for a song. This includes 3 V6 classics. Message me if interested.
  14. selvakumar
    please share the internals picture
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  15. Onik
    Burson facebook teams responded to me saying that they are shorts in staff and that is causing the delay in responding to my issues
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