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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. vadinoy
    a screenshot of foobar2000 in a private message?
  2. raoultrifan
    T50RP_EQ_jRiver.png T50RP_EQ_Foobar.png

    Couple of thumbs shouldn't bother anyone here, I hope. However, these are for T50RP-mk3, but the T60RP are a bit better in the low-end, so feel free to adjust the lowest octave per your liking.
    Also, above 2KHz trust no one, just use your ears. I'm sensitive around 5-6KHz and I'm missing few dB around 8KHz, so...please use your ears and audiocheck.net or similar.
  3. imran27
    It has been about a month since I bought the new v2.3 PCB, I have the same issue with DC Barrel of previous power cords and there has been no response from Burson to address this issue.

    I after a public post they will respond.

    Btw, anybody compared Playmate with Play v2.3?
  4. raoultrifan
    @imran27 , I probably missed your initial post, what is the issue about, please?
  5. imran27
    The barrel on the power adapter of previous PCB versions I have (v1.6, v2.1) does nt fit on the v2.3
  6. Eiffel
    If I remember well someone had same issue posted in the thread and they answered that they will send him another power brick to fit it. See pages 62-65.
    Seems that few boards got a different connector, not all.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  7. WilliamLeonhart
    How far would you have to turn the knob for listenable volume?
  8. raoultrifan
    For T50RPmk3 and HE-560 I get between 40-60%, depending on the recording of the input tracks. For normal sensitivity dynamic headphones the volume is somewhere between 25-40%.
  9. DjBobby
    Between 15 and 25.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  10. Eiffel
    In my case - around 4-6 only.
    Same value for 24 ohms cans but also the 250 ohms DT1990 Pro...
  11. Audio Addict Contributor
    Has anyone received a Playmate?
  12. Fasterball
    I just received shipping tracking but I imagine it will be another couple of weeks for me.
    Audio Addict likes this.
  13. Barra
    Just put up my review of the Burson Play Basic "Kicking $299 Audio Expectations to the Curb" - https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/burson-audio-play.22702/reviews

    I guess from the title, you can see my opinion. I have played with a number of low-cost options as I worked myself up in audiophile sound and have never heard this kind of performance at this price. It is replacing my Hugo 2 in my desktop audio chain so that my Hugo 2 is ready for mobile use without the both of having to tear down and reassemble. I am not going to miss it as the SQ difference is only slight. That is saying a lot given the price difference. Regardless, my review covers the pairing of my HP and CIEM collection to give you an idea of what it offers high-end equipment. The short of it is that the neutral signature plays well with all and offers max performance from each. As a bonus, I check what happens when running a higher end Eddie Current ZDs t;ube amp with the 9018 dac implementation and it was stellar. Let me know what you think of the review.
    WilliamLeonhart likes this.
  14. WilliamLeonhart
    Went through the same thought when I sold my Hugo because I don’t really need a mobile dac and the difference in SQ doesn’t justify the price.
  15. raoultrifan
    Now it's on sale at $249, basic ver. only. However, best price/performance on planet for a Class-A 2x2 watts amplifier with DAC inside.
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