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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. selvakumar
    Play is the only Dac/amp with full elna audio torex cap playmate has solid cap
  2. raoultrifan
    Never thinking to PLAY as a transportable unit, but after seeing your post I can think of it like that indeed. Given it's size and weight I think it could be easy to carry it in vacation with you, after all...it's way much easier to carry than a laptop. :)
  3. raoultrifan
    You do like naked pics, right? I envy you for that...:)
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  4. Eiffel
    I just got a pair of Beyer DT1990 Pro - it sound fantastic on my Play - with V6 Classics in I/V.
    Didn't test on Vivids, but tested on my Conductor Air with V5i and here it has a slight disturbing treble sparkling. Otherwise it sound still good.
    Actually they sound very good on all the DAC's or players I've tested. But I still have to keep the volume very low on Play and others - same level I use for my 24 ohms Sony cans...
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  5. selvakumar
    i do own DT880 PRO LIMITED CROME MINI XLR MOD ,DT990PRO MINI XLR MOD,DT1770 PRO,DT1990 PRO,T90 LIMITED EDITION CROME JUBILEE MINI XLR MOD,HD 600,HD6xx,HD58x,EL8,Beyerdynamics custom one pro,Audio Technica - ATH-M50x it sounds well good with play i do own some Schiit - Jotunheim,SMSL T1,IDEA
    all my headphone mod is carried by my friend https://www.amplifiersurgery.com/ HAMAD ebayer good and professional
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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  6. WilliamLeonhart
    The greatest thing about it for me is the PSU, which accepts both 110V and 220V. It also helps that the Play can adequately drive any headphones that I might want to bring with me, including the HD6xx and all those Grados. I've never been big about listening from mobile devices so the desktop form factor is no problem at all
  7. Eiffel
    I think it depends on how far and how long you stay...
    For vacation I prefer my Sabaj Da2. Very small and cheap, still extremely good for his money. Also ESS9018 inside - sounds a lot similar with Play - just less warm and more neutral. Can handle a lot of headphones as long they are not power hungry. I found it can handle very well my new DT1990Pro at 250 ohms with volume around 50%.
    I also have a Conductor Air.
  8. holden4th
    In the past I've always amplified my DAPs and used DAC/Amps from Fiio to good effect.

    My current DAP is an A&K Junior which I got for a ridiculous price from a retailer here in Australia. The main reson for using a DAC/Amp was to improve the sound bt bypassing the DAPs DAC and also to boost the. amplifier stage. The Junior seems to have solved these problems for me. That said, if they produced a portable amp (no DAC) I would definitely look at it.
  9. Renfield1217
    Hi and just an update,

    Dennis was able to hold my order of the Play (thanks again Dennis) and I have ordered the Playmate basic instead.

  10. raoultrifan
    Price diff. between PLAY vs. PLAYMATE is indeed small enough, so I guess you did the right choice.

    However, I don't see myself giving up to PLAY; this combo will ever find the right place in my home (well, I do get attached to things...please don't be like me, it will hurt your pocket).
  11. Renfield1217
    Well my case was a bit diff, the Play has had rave reviews and I was looking forward to having one. But these factors made me choose the Playmate..

    the new display with more info...
    Toslink connection..
    two selectable gain settings
    newer XMOS.with USB 3.0
    no single opamps ( all the opamps I have are duals)
    the seven selectable filters

    the real test is when people with the Play will get a Playmate to test and directly compare them for sound diffs.

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  12. DjBobby
    Where did you find the info about seven selectable filters?
  13. Renfield1217
    Hi DjBobby,

    Was posted on the Playmate forum and the new front pictures of the Playmate shows the button just to the right of the volume control...that button also selects what output gain you want.

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  14. raoultrifan
    I don't think will sound different, after all PLAY measures very well and not sure an A/B test will reveal anything if listening levels are identical, same cans used. What it counts is what you just said before: different features...much more features. :)
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  15. Renfield1217
    Agreed, as long as Burson has done as good of a job in implementing the 9038 as they did the 9018.

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