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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. Fasterball
    These new releases with USB c are neat to see from Burson. I really like this company and their products. Burson asked me to send my Play in because of the high pitched sound I was hearing. Shipping to Australia takes forever. I'm anxious to get my Play back. I already miss its sound. Their customer service is really next level.
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  2. selvakumar
  3. raoultrifan
    I thought it's called ES9038Q2M, right?
    - 32-bit DAC, 768KHz PCM, DSD512 native
    - +129dB DNR
    - -120dB THD+N
  4. DjBobby
    So, these were "exciting news" Dennis promised in his last e-mail :).
    It is great to see that Burson took many advices and suggestions from different reviews here on HeadFi, to make truly upgraded products. The gain switch, fixed line out and latest Sabre es9038 were high on my wish list, chapeau to Burson. Looking forward to a new Playmate (!) and the Swing.
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  5. selvakumar
    i got confirmation form Burson Audio its ESS SABRE 9038Q2C
  6. raoultrifan
  7. DjBobby
    There is apparently one ES9038C2M chip.
  8. raoultrifan
    You're right, there's indeed a C2M ver. of ESS 9038, but found no PDF/datasheet nor specs on the Internet about this chip. Wondering why the ESS guys are so secretive about showing us their DAC's specs.
    Now I really want some inside pics more and more...:)
  9. Eiffel
    9038 has Q2M. It doesn't have K2M.
    Topping D50 uses 2x 9038Q2M - for example.

    But what's important - it's not the Pro version, but mobile one.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
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  10. WilliamLeonhart
  11. raoultrifan
    Interesting feature, an AptX BT receiver built-in, could be a good feature for some of us. I don't anyone pointed this one out on this thread, so I don't think Burson is aware that we're looking such kind of feature.

    I was looking on PLAYMATE and SWING webpages specs pics and don't really see such a feature enabled. Perhaps in a new versions they'll add one for us, maybe with LAN and Wi-Fi enabled features...who knows.
  12. Eiffel
    Maybe in a new product. There must be made too many changes in current products. And if they do so, it should be also a possibility to disable it - it may induce extra noise.

    What I would like to see it's a preamp for the Bang/Fun - with 3-4 Line-In that could use Cable Pro technology and one MM/MC input for a turntable. There are a lot of people listening to LP's.
    It should have a fixed line out - for the Fun and a variable line out - for the Bang.
  13. selvakumar
    ok fine let me preorder and update once i receive the dac as usual ill be first owner to post naked pic just like Play
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  14. selvakumar
    no Bluetooth support in playmate it can only accept type c input, optical input and as usual USB input
  15. WilliamLeonhart
    Well I had not expected Burson to come out with a much more versatile version of the Play... For me the Play was bareboned but just-enough. It was the DAC/amp I'd take with me on a long trip away from home.

    Anyway even though Bluetooth would be appreciated I'd survive well without it. When I still owned the Hugo I didn't make much use of its Bluetooth, partly because Apple aren't compatible with AptX.
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