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New: Burson Audio Play Amp/DAC (2W@16Ohm) (op-amp rollers dream)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ostewart, Sep 20, 2017.
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  1. Eiffel
    After testing this last 2 days the iSilencer I think the mixed reviews on the net are for real, as I got mixed results.
    They might improve a bit the sound IF you use them with a USB powered cheap DAC - cheaper than these "gadgets".
    Otherwise, on more expensive DAC's with dedicated power supply, they do nothing, or worst, they may alter in bad the sound.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
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  2. timb5881
    I agree, the effect is minimal at best.
  3. Fasterball
    Okay so I tried switching the Op-Amps in the I/V and I actually lost signal strength in the right channel. I think I've isolated the offending op amp. I have it out and the sound is still there but on a lesser scale.
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  4. Eiffel
    In that case you should contact Burson. They offer a life-time warranty for op-amps, so they must come with a solution.
  5. WilliamLeonhart
    Have you got any other opamp to try?
  6. Fasterball
    Yeah I have the stock op amps that came with it. I also have the opa134 and opa2134. I got these to try - although these sound worst than stock.
  7. timb5881
    So, an update about listening to the Play! It is over at a friends house and he has been listening to it. I have just purchased a use pair of Sennheiser HD 6XX, so I went over to his place to listen to them on the Play. All I can say is wow. The higher Ohm's must play very well with the Play, because they sound fantastic together. While I thought the Play sounded good with my Monoprice M1060 planar the HD 6XX sounded fantastic with it. My other low impedance headphones again good, but not as great as the high impedance Sennheiser's .
    The HD 6XX just have an excellent synergy with the Play, bass is fuller and sound quicker than the planar M1060's but the M1060's have more impact. The midrange on both are very good, with HD 6XX being better. The M1050's have a bit better high frequency detail. So, if you have some Sennheiser HD 600 or 650 or 6XX, try them with the Play, and your toes will tapping to the music.
  8. WK446
    Update on v2.3 PCB:

    Alex from Burson gave me a response and are sending me a new power convertor. Apparently my unit was one of the first production units and came with a socket standard of 2.1. All units have a 2.5 socket currently. I am glad that I was not imagining this problem...

    They also suggested bending the capacitor on the v2.3 PCB ever so slightly to fit the XMOS daughtercard over top of it. This can be done apparently without damage.

    I will give Burson accolades for how they are assisting me. Alex has been very professional and responsive.
  9. Fasterball
    I love this company's customer support. Companies like Burson deserve to have our business. Their product is great and they genuinely care about their customer base.
  10. raoultrifan
  11. Fasterball
    I'm already concerned about some of the comments and questions in the discussion section of this Massdrop... Lol.
  12. raoultrifan
    I've read the comments myself now, besides that guy that really wants SPDIF/TOSLINK inputs/outputs I don't see other concerns. Probably a SPDIF-out could be nice-to-have feature here, especially now that most AV receivers are using their own DAC's inside, but not sure BURSON wants to add this feature, mostly because an external DAC will definitely change sound's flavor.
  13. Eiffel
    A SPDIF IN would be most welcomed. Unfortunately it's not supported in the DAC ( as in newer versions ) so need extra circuits.
    An SPDIF out is useless - it will bypass the Play and that's all. You can use your PC SPDIF Out with same results.
  14. WilliamLeonhart
    This was my experience as well. HD6xx, HD58x, HD600, HD580, HD540... all sound great with the Play (and the Fun). HD800 not so much, but I never really enjoyed any solid state amp with it.
  15. raoultrifan
    Given the high-current Class-A output stage there should be no headphones not to be fully compatible with PLAY and FUN, well...unless speaking about HE-5/HE-6 which might be connected to power amps directly. However, the ability of "flavour changing" by swapping the internal op-amps would probably make it more...Hi-Fi appealing.
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