NEW Bryston BDP-Pi Digital Player

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    Bryston BDP-Pi Digital Player - $1,295


    Free U.S. Ground Shipping




    Free U.S. Ground Shipping

    Arrives Late September

    $1,295.00  Bryston’s BDP-Pi digital music players let you hear a perfect replica of high resolution studio masters with incredible detail and breathtaking realism.

    Unlike other digital music players, their sole purpose is to play your music with the greatest possible fidelity without the burden of deep computer knowledge.


    Built upon the Raspberry Pi® and HifiBerry® platform

    The new BDP-π is faster and more capable than the classic BDP-1 yet fits in a chassis 1/3rd as wide as their full size gear and costs less than half of a flagship BDP-2.


    Virtually any DAC can be connected via the on-board S/PDIF and Toslink connectors.

    Also, get ultra-high resolution by connecting a USB DAC.

    Connect an external USB drive containing your music library, stream your favorite internet radio stations, and enjoy lossless TIDAL streaming all on the BDP-π

    Control:   IR, TCP/IP
    Inputs:  4x USB 2.0, 1x Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
    Outputs: SPDIF (RCA), Optical (TOSLINK), HDMI, USB 2.0

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  2. ben_r_
    Got any pics of the inside of one of these?

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