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New Bryston BDA-2 DAC Impressions Thread

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  1. Gibalok
    Gents, im planning to get BDA-2. Its written in some description that PSU for analouge and digital routes are separated thereas on the photo i see only one tranformer.
  2. WilCox Contributor

    Multiple windings on the main transformer with separated rectification, filtration and regulation for digital and analog. It's a wonderful DAC!
  3. yinyang69
    Does anyone have direct comparison between the BDA-2 and the Gungnir Multibit?
    I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions on both. 
  4. ZoNtO
  5. mfin
    Hi, I have a BDA-2 Dac and was wondering if there has ever been new firmware available for it.
    If there is, where would I get this firmware from, and what would it bring in improvements if any?
  6. jtinto
    Connect your BDA-2 to internet with ethernet cable.
    Use the internal web browser interface to check for any available upgrades.
  7. mfin
    That would be all very good if there was an ethernet port on a BDA-2 and such a method but there isn't! :)
    Not to worry, posted elsewhere and established there have been no firmware upgrades.
  8. mfin
  9. jtinto
    You're right. My bad. I was thinking about how I checked the firmware on my BDA-3
  10. beaux
    Bryston's products are very reliable. I recommend you bryston bdp2. It will a day and night improvement to your bda2
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