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New Brainwavz iem - M5

  1. kova4a
    Mp4nation just updated their facebook page with this: 323939_444923632196457_1983951190_o.jpg
    I guess that's the new dynamic flagship M5 - being vented it clearly isn't the B1, so that leaves the M5. Now we just have to wait about specs and pricing.
  2. plasmoic
    hope for a more balanced sound...
    (though I enjoyed and still enjoy M2 and Betas)
  3. kova4a
  4. tinyman392
    I'm not going to link to my review again, but specs are in there.  As is pricing.  It's not a flagship unfortunately XD  M3s still hold this position.  I was still impressed with them.
    Yes, more balanced would be a good definition...  These are actually pretty fast and brighter too :)
    Thanks for linking to this.  For anyone wondering, this is my review.
  5. Lifted Andreas
    Received today from Mr FedEx man! BOGOF FTW!! xD [​IMG]
  6. djvkool
    Nice one mate, definitely a steal at that price...
  7. Lifted Andreas
    Yeah mate, proper chuffed! [​IMG]
    Might sell one or give them to my girlfriend.

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