NEW Black Dragon AES Digital Cable - Starting at $140
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Feb 1, 2011
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Feb 1, 2011

NEW Black Dragon AES Digital Cable

Starting at $140.00

NEW Starting at $140.00...

After many customer requests, Drew has developed this cable for all your balanced digital applications.

The Black Dragon AES EBU Digital Cable is a 110ohm digital transmission cable. Some uses are to connect a CD Transport or computer's Pro Audio Card like a Lynx to an outboard digital to analog converter.

Our Moon Audio Black Dragon AES/EBU cable utilizes 2 Silver Plated copper conductors with teflon jacket. It has both a Aluminum foil shield as well as a 100% coverage braided shield. AES/EBU interfaces utilize a symmetrical connection most often with transformer isolation and an output impedance of 110 ohm. The signal-level of this interface is higher than in the consumer SPDIF (3...10 volts). Because AES/EBU digital audio signals are transmitted at high frequencies (at around 6MHz) they need to be handled very differently than standard analog audio lines. Commonly analog balanced cabling has various impedance ratings (30 ohm to 90 ohm typical) and exhibit poor digital transmission performance. The result is signal drop out and reduced cable lengths due to severe impedance mis-matching (VSWR) between AES/EBU 110 ohm equipment. AES/EBU signal transmission work for few tens of meters with a good cable. So while it is not recommended to use the analog equivalent in digital transmission it is possible to use a 110ohm cable in both analog and digital operation. While we are promoting this cable for Digital purposes there is no reason you cant also use in an Analog fashion.

How ever it is not recommended you use a 110ohm digital cabling with RCAs for use with an SPDIF connection and vice versa with the 75ohm SPDIF. The SPDIF cable only has 2 conductors and thus can not be used with XLRs. to make the conversion you need a Transformer to prevent issues with Jitter and Digital Errors. We recommend the Canare 75ohm to 110ohm BNC to XLR adapter.

Thank You.​

Drew Baird
Moon Audio​
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