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New Beyerdynamic amp A2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by freakman, Apr 9, 2014.
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  1. freakman
    Beyerdyanmic announced the new headphone amp A2 today from its Chinese site. The source can be found at the watermark of the picture. It has dual unbalanced inputs, unbalanced outputs and a remote control.
    MSRP will be EUR 1490
  2. thomascrown

    The glass on the top reminds me the hdvd800 (with orange light instead of the sennheiser blue :D)
  3. plakat
    What a nice surprise -- the A1 lost its plastic neck holder and gained a second headphone jack :)
    While I could resist the A20 until now I think the A2... will find its way to my home rather sooner than later. I just love discrete designs and am very curious about the adjustment for impedance. At last a Beyer amp with low output impedance (switchable between 0 and 100Ohm), one thing that held me back from purchasing the A20, which, in my opinion, did not play too well with e.g. the TH900, showing the signs of high output impedance connected to low impedance phones, i.e. rather muddy bass.
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  4. HiFiGuy528
    looks great!!!
  5. thomascrown

    Looking forward to watching your review on youtube :D
  6. plakat
    Remembering back to the Phonitor 2 / Mini thread we actually seem to have a similar (visual) taste... May is going to be an expensive month I guess :wink:
  7. Jodet
    1490 euros = $2000.    That's before they add in any import costs. 
    Looks too pricey for what it is.   A  pity.  
  8. Oskari
    You should be able to subtract the value added tax, though, when not in EU.
  9. HiFiGuy528
    I preordered the Phonitor Mini and bought the Phonitor 2.  I don't know if I can afford the A2 as well....  :frowning2:
  10. dduck
  11. Bloodflowerz
    It's absolutely beautiful and that stand looks nuts! The red lights would match my gaming rig quite nicely. Very impressed. Now all I need as that Custom One Tesla and I will call it a day.
    I wonder if Beyer would be releasing a desktop DAC at some point...
  12. plakat
    Just arrived... a real beauty...
    First impression fed by an HP-P1 via line-out with the T90 Jubilee (which came in the same box) is very detailed and clear. Fits better with the T90 than with the TH600 (even when switching output resistance). Focal Spirit Pro (on 0Ohm output setting) sounds nice too, spacious, detailed with surprisingly hard hitting bass that reaches very deep but stays clear. Beautiful voices, but I'm missing a bit sparkle in the treble (which is not the case with the T90, using the recommended 100Ohm setting).
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  13. dduck
    So, any more impressions now that you've had some time to get used to it?
  14. plakat
    Sorry for the late response... times are busy...
    Overall the A2 is a bit more lively than the SPL Phonitor, another favorite of mine. Its simply stunning in its detailed presentation and the best amp for my Beyerdynamic collection (which is to be expected I guess :wink:
    Both the T1 and the T90 are lovely combinations, especially the T90 is revealing bass capabilities I've not heard from it before. Just switched over from Phonitor + Ultrasone Signature Pro to A2+T1 and while I like the Phonitor with the Sig Pro the T1 is simply better. Of course, being semi-open, its easier to present a wide stage, but what fascinates me each and every time is just how nice and effortless treble is, how natural it presents voices and how good its bass is.
    I just switched the T1 between the Phonitor and the A2, the latter is indeed a bit more lively, its even easier to hear details while the Phonitor seems to present a little more power in the bass, retaining the level of details. Overall I'd say both are very close...
    It makes me even more interested in the A20, which I always hesitated to buy as it has the classic 100Ohm output impedance while the A2 can be switched between near 0 and 100Ohm. I use it on the recommended higher setting with my T90 and T1, using my lower impedance headphones on the Phonitor or the A8. So the fixed setting on the A20 might not be a problem after all...
  15. HiFiGuy528
    I own the A1 for some time now and I think it pairs incredibly well with T1.  I hope to hear the A2 soon.  Thanks for your impressions on it against the Phonitor.  Do you have P1 pr P2?  I have P2.  T90 Jubilee is sexy.... :)
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