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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. TheOtus
    Ohh, I meant that my phones will be shipped on Monday, from Japan. I don't know when they will be delivered to me. = ) Hopefully next week. But when I get them, I will share my impressions.
  2. RAFA
    Oooh I feel sorry. It took 5 days to come to me, so probably you will have it on Friday.
  3. TheOtus
    Yeah, probably. I have no problem waiting with my dear ATH-W3000ANV though. = )
    RAFA and Jon-LF like this.
  4. asko
    http://personalaudio.ru/detail/Obzor_velikolepnyh_portativnyh_naushnikov_Audio-Technica_ATH-ESW11LTD_15122012/ - Russian review, haha =). (ESW11LTD vs. ES10.)
  5. RAFA
    I read through the sound impression section. This seems to be a pretty accurate.
  6. portafi
    the very fact that the es11's are exactly the same size excluding the (52mm drivers) as my esw9's with the same wood finish coloring (though not the same wood) will not have me rifling through the back of my sock drawer trying to come up with the $728.96.  i am willing however to turn the sofa cushions inside out to find the extra few cents needed to complete my imminent purchase of the es10's as i feel the titanium cups and the 52mm drivers are perfect sonic fusion!    
  7. RAFA
    The ESW9 and the ESW11 are not the same size. The 11s are bigger. ES10 and ESW11 are more or less the same size. Wood coloring and laquer are different, trust me.
    You will like the ES10, it is definitely a step up from the ESW9. Back then I liked them out of the box.
    I will not try to convince anyone here to buy the ESW11. But it should be told that every time I see the ESW11, I kind of get the urgent feel to listen to music with them. The next moment I get rewarded with sweet sweet sound. It is a cycle, that I cannot escape. It makes me happy. It is like sex with a woman that you truly love.
    The ESW11LTD is probably (I am not really sure) better than the ES10 by just 2 or 3%. To me it is rather a side step.
    Here is a photo for you, before you finally go and buy the ES10 :)
  8. portafi
    in some ways i like the es7 more than the esw9, i believe this is do to the metalic housing, sharper tones, harder edged, that's why when the banks open again around here on thursday, its on to the es10.   the wood enclosure on the esw9 while lush seems to take away just a touch of enthusiasm in the midrange.  the story might be all together different, however if as another headfier suggested the wood finish was in a lighter finish, like beachwood.
  9. RAFA
    If that is the case, then ES10 will for sure be a the better solution. It is an excellent headphone. What music are you listening to?
  10. portafi
    have a gander at goldenears.net, provides sonic measurements of many of at's models. this website is a real eye opener..... was always curious about sony z1000, but when you review the measurements i really couldn' t buy this headphone. to no surprise, esw9 and es11 have wonderful measurements.  as the website states, to paraphrase: there has never been a headphone that tested well that didn't sound good, the only variable being personal sound preferences.
  11. cky8
    I can't seem to find the ESW11LTD on Golden Ears? [​IMG]
  12. portafi
    i was incorrect, they've only tested the esw10 thus far.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    I did have the chance to try the ESW10s again a few months ago. While I like what they do, even though I could have bought them for what they cost new (about $500 IIRC) they simply weren't refined enough and isolating enough for me in comparison with, say, the DT1350s. The W3000s aside, most of the limited edition ATs for me have been somewhat of a disappointment, but then I was trying them years after they were sold in most cases and the headphone world has moved on.
    If I'm going to get another AT, I reckon the AD2000X is it. If I have a chance this week I intend to go into the city and audition them again.
  14. uelover
    Let me know if you come across a new set of the ESW10. I will want to get another pair =)
  15. asko
    Hey. I want at least one pair, guys =). Have no idea how to buy it now. http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k160815133 - 30000 JPY, 5 hours remained.
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