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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. MuppetFace
    Me too.
    Decent headphone. Not a great one.
    I will say that it has a certain quietly majestic, ashen character when you behold it. It's like an ancient, misty forest. When you actually listen to it however... it's more like a crowded urban district. Or maybe a Shinto gate, but with one of those dance-off "you got served" movies being filmed under it.
    The ESW10JPN on the other hand is like the ornate interior of an opium den or emperor's haunted palace. It sounds like this too.
  2. lonebear27
    Just my 2 cents:
    I agree that the ESW11 does not reach/exceed the expectation placed on it, especially when you consider how much better the ESW10 is compared to the ESW9. But I think it's still a good headphone. As to whether it's better than the ESW10, I think it's a matter of preference. They sound similar and yet different. If you're into vocals/mids, the ESW10 wins hands down. But if you want a bit more bass to go with the typical mids of AT woodies, I think the ESW11 may be a better choice.
    Comparing the ESW11 to the ES10 however, I personally think that it's no contest. I prefer the ESW11 over the ES10 any day. Maybe it's because I'm not a basshead, but I find the bass of the ES10 to be too overpowering and uncontrolled, whereas the quality of the bass of the ESW11 is a lot better albeit with slightly lower quantities. Plus, the mids of the ESW11 is just that much better.
    Overall I think the ESW11 is a really fun-sounding headphone. It's more refined than most of the other portable fun-sounding headphones, including the ESW9 and most of the portable senns. I still think it's a great headphone!
  3. mrAdrian
    Hmm DT1350 should keep me happy for a longer time then.
  4. Leo888
    Anyone knows if there are serial numbers on them since it's a Limited Edition model. Thanks in advance.
  5. MuppetFace
    Yeah, expectations for the ESW11LTD seemed quite high. But then, at $700+ USD, I can't blame people. Especially coming off of the W3000ANV which they pretty much nailed. Their ANV products in general were quite good in that they took all of their experience and summed it up as a sort of "best of" package.
    The ESW11LTD wasn't a 50th Anniversary product obviously, but it still seems a little uninspired in light of their anniversary and the very high price tag. It's limited to only 1000 units and made from haunted trees though, so it's definitely something for the collector. I couldn't not get it.
    What disappoints me the most, personally, isn't that it falls short of the ESW10JPN or the ANV models, but rather that it's pretty much labeled part of the Limited line which has been traditionally Audio-Technica's most balanced and neutral sounding (relatively speaking) woodies. This does not sound like an LTD model to me, but more like an ESW9X in the way the W1000X is to the W1000.
  6. TheMiddleSky
    The problem why I expect more for ESW11 is because other brands already can make very good portable headphone. Sony MDR-1R and Sennheiser Momentum are very great at almost the half price of ESW11.
    Ah btw, when I tested them, I did only via Fostex HP-P1, I think as a portable headphone they shouldn't need a very proper headphone amp to shine or otherwise they just get even more minus score on my book because need/picky about amping.
  7. RAFA
    Honestly, I read the same reactions back then, when the ES10 came out. Back then just a few had it. Today I must say the ES10 is the best portable headphone in my collection and I am happy to have it.
    Money seems only to be a problem in this forum, if you have to give out excessive amounts of it. I would rather not go and compare a limited edition headphone on the basis of a SQ/Price ratio. Rather I would compare it only on SQ terms.
  8. kamikazi
    i like the sound of esw11ltd, but might much more prefer the wood plate more if it not look so close to esw9 which i own also
  9. TheOtus
    Mine will be shipped on monday! = )
  10. RAFA
    Me too probably :) It is through the customs.
    EDIT: They arrived much faster than I expected :D.
  11. HelloHell
    I'm a current owner of ESW10 (3+ years). To me ESW11 failed to exceed in terms of both sound quality and physical beauty when comparing against the former portable flagship. Just my 2 cents though.
  12. TheOtus
    I have not heard ATH-ESW10JPN, and neither the new one obviously, so I can't say anything. I do prefer the glossy laqcuer though, but the phones have been long gone and not a lot of used ones are sold I suppose. So I figured that I need to grab one of the new ones while they last. From the comments it appears that they're not too shabby either and it's a lot about preferences anyway.
  13. RAFA
    When you directly compare both, in what areas are the drawbacks of the ESW11 compared to the ESW10. I am just interested.
    Yesterday I listened to the ESW11 and to me this headphone sounds great even better than the ES10. From the comments here I though that the ESW11 will not sound better than the ES10 and also from myself,because I love the ES10. I find the lows to be perfect, kind of controlled ES10 lows.
    If the ESW10 even beats the ESW11, it would be worth, at some time, to look out for a pair.
    The matte lacquer is amazing, no picture could do it justice.
  14. TheOtus
    As I was going to get ATH-ES10 at a time, I like what you're saying. ;D
    I bet they look better than in pictures. I have a DAC with a beautiful matte walnut casing, so I have no doubt that the phones will look brilliant. Just give me a good grain for once... xD
  15. RAFA
    Tomorrow you will see. I am quite interested in your impressions from desktop-equipment. Most of the time I am listening from portable sources and sometimes from the Laptop. Well, ok there is my old Philips CD140, but comes rarely in action.
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