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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    Hey! My comparison is probably not going to get too detailed. What I've got up is probably what is going to stay up. Ohm image is my photography website, and isn't a review site. I may work on a comparison at TouchMyApps. 
  2. uelover
    You have quoted a monochrome image that's all.
    And that may inevitably influence the actions of many =)
  3. Hiyono
    Found two reviews on a Japanese site. Translated by google.


    Balance of bass and thick, silky and delicate. But narrow the sound field.

    I feel very good shade, and beautiful.

    [High-pitched sound]

    Less rage, very silky and high resolution. It is a sound that achieves high resolution and delicacy peculiar magnetic material permendur.
    Headphone sound about the same price range of most of the other big sloppy feel very harshly grains compared with this model.
    Rather than a shiny sound, it sounds reminiscent of delicate silk touch feeling with umbrella.
    I think they sound field is narrow compared to the open type headphones.
    Sound field is not recommended to those who like the vast.
    However, it sounds even more delicate feel the sound of the earphone-type compared with BA, but so high resolution, free-flowing less stimulus was a new experience.

    - Quality of the midrange]

    It is mainly the area of ​​voice, it is the sound of a delicate touch to silky smooth treble as well.
    Rather than the voice of people and we all live will be free-flowing feel pleasant.
    The sound of a counter electrode and a rich sound.
    I feel less natural rage, feeling good have heard on high resolution, it sound unique to headphones or earphones that employ a magnetic material but permendur.

    [Sound of bass]

    I think though it is very thick, Rampage is small.
    I enjoy the bass thicker than this is not necessary in those who like bass.
    I'll follow firmly in the bass too loud in the headphones put out of the ordinary.
    I have no problem in applications come out as good as DJ.
    Also, I do not feel the negative effects of the other for the midrange and treble even when playing at high volume bass.
    It is rare to hear the harmony model without feeling silky treble bass and delicate touch is thick but are clearly separated.
    I do not feel the rough taste. I think It's a benefit that employs a large diameter 53mm.


    It is not a problem because the softer pad. Perhaps it is because of slower aging skin.

    Hear outside sounds pretty [outside] the sound barrier.

    I leak to prevent sound leakage [] if reasonably large.


    I'm a little bigger. It is necessary to some extent a space bag. Is not significant enough to embarrassed to be mounted in front of people.


    In a typical pyramid balance, mid and treble sound pressure is delicate and silky touch are riding without good sense of separation muddy sound on the thick bass.
    Since sound silky touch and high-resolution mild delicate hear any song, for those who seek the good feeling it will be a unique model.
    And the narrow sense of the sound field, rich sound fresh is not a drawback because Dase, not recommended for those who stick there.

    I bought chunky bass and treble are both silky but delicate and unprecedented to listen to one, because all of a sudden gave me an interest in this model of individual character.
    You can be concluded that this model would be transformed into a high-resolution sound delicate and silky all be heard in any environment, and is a model that has a unique personality.

    Than feeling that listening to music, get excited, I think is best for those who want to continue to enjoy a long and delicate atmosphere calm.
    Have the ability to comfortably invite strange since it is less irritating even listening to rock music, I enjoy a refreshing delicately all the range of the bass will appear in classic chunky.
    Will not change even squeeze quite feel silky touch volume, you can keep the good feeling exquisite.

    Provided us with plenty of bass and I love the feeling Sawaka inexperienced, as general comment, I'm very grateful to this model. 5 points.
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    10 people were helpful

    Excellence to further exceed high expectations ☆
    First, this model takes a certain amount of Taming of the original sound until, tends to sound completely different from the first new state. (In my case, I took about a day and a half break-leave)
    Between digests were impression that the excess bass sound muffled.

    Beautiful in and of itself is not perfect [design] headphones, good complement Attach more smart. I look very fashionable looking at the mirror while wearing.

    I will be clear and smooth stop to clear the fog and into sound had been buried in the bass and treble sound quality [early].
    It is delicate and bewitching. At higher frequencies, in the beautiful, I'm calm.
    In crystal-clear sound like distilled water, was the sound of the first experience.
    The resolution is also high, it is a pleasant sound than anything else.

    [Quality] massive bass remains, but I would feel that bass and sound into Bowa~tsu and will not, like sinking into tight.

    Has also been improved fit than [ES10]. Feel you have become a form to be reasonable cushion Lambskin pad, placed on top of fluffy ear.
    Moreover, it is the space between the driver and the ear because there is a little thick, this pad will also affect the sound quality. Sound field with a little more than spread ES10 is formed.

    [Outside] This sound barrier, what comparable comparable portable headphones.

    If you do not leak sound levels that do not hurt your ears prevents sound leakage [].

    [It is] good portability. I commute bag also fits neatly folded thin because there is a swivel function.

    Because the sound quality was very good to ATH-ES10 [OVERALL] have been the pinnacle year suit series so far, the appearance of this model was greeted with the expectation that up to excess.

    However, you can only admire nothing but to further exceed their expectations.

    In addition, they carry with everywhere in this smart portable sound quality.

    It is the inscription machine that will make you a fine mood ... I like riding a luxury car like to wear.
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    Four people were helpful
  4. shigzeo Contributor
  5. daigo
    Google translate on Japanese creates some very interesting English phrases.  I use it to translate and follow a couple of Japanese music group's blogs and it barely makes sense.  
  6. shigzeo Contributor
  7. TheOtus
    Oh my, almost missed these! Well, my wallet is always prepared for limited edition Audio-Technicas. = ) Been after little more portable phones for a while and it doesn't get much better than this, I hope.
  8. Hiyono
    I think I read these are limited to only 1000?
  9. RAFA
    Mine will be shipped today :D Yeah Yeah Yeah
  10. cky8
    Long time no see TheOtus. This time I am faster [​IMG]
  11. TheOtus
    Hahah, true. Been pretty unactive and away from headphone news. Tried some new speakers but they don't work in my listening room at all. Then I just went to PriceJapan to see if there's anything new. = )
  12. TheMiddleSky
    Have spent the last 4 days to listen ESW11. My first impression is: I expect something more.
    It's not that the 11 is a bad sounding headphone, because it's definitely not. The 11 doesn't has a very midcentric signature, but still the midrange is the main point, it define so sweet, and beautiful for female voice. I never found any portable headphone that have more beautiful female voice than this headphone. (never tried ESW10 unfortunetly)
    I just expect with bigger driver (and cup) so it can handle better soundstage and imaging. But what I feel here is, I think even the ES10 has better soundstage image than this baby, and something like Sony 1R or Senn Momentum definitely has better soundstage image.
    Oh yeah, the 11 is far more beautiful to look in a person than just a picture, it's indeed has different wood/finishing than the ESW9.
  13. retrophonic
    Thanks for the update, my question is, are they worth the premium over the Momentums sound wise?
  14. uelover
    This is a difficult question to answer. I have the ESW11, ESW10JPN and Momentum. The Momentum sound great ampless. The ESW10 and ESW11 needed an amp (not just any amp but an amp that synergizes well). I didn't find the ESW11 to be inferior in imaging as compared to the Momentum when used in the rightly setup.
    The ESW10JPN is still the king of mids, the ESW11 is not far behind while the Momentum gives a more balanced overall sound. Vocals are the most seductive on the two ATHs.
  15. TheOtus
    By the way, as it's becoming a rule with my purchases that every damn device is too loud with my headphones, how are these? Anyone using these with an iPod, is the volume alright? With some in-ears I can't turn iPod's volume up one bit, at minimum it's too loud at times... On the edge of buying these but I want to be able to use these too. = )
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