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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. RAFA
    So, how do they sound compared to the W3000ANV?
  2. cky8
    Wooo not so fast.. Let's give it some time to mature and get over the excitement first!
  3. Meoow
    my wallet is getting hurt more and more, I just ordered the "rarely seen" JVC DX1000 and soon after this (I hope before christmas) the "godly Fostex TH900"...all the newly Audio Technica will have to wait for next year.
    I am at the hard-to-decide decision of whether or not should I obtain the out-of-production Denon 7000...
  4. RAFA
    Take your time :)
    Although I hope I can control myself and do not buy it in the mean time.
  5. Hiyono
    My pair just came in today :D
  6. shigzeo Contributor
    Looking forward to your thoughts.
  7. Hiyono
    They are burning in right now.  I'll just say.  They sound a lot better out of Leckerton UHA-6s mk2 then out of the ipad or iphone.
  8. RAFA
    Argh, I couldn't wait, the order button cannot be un-pressed.
  9. cky8
    While the cups of the ESW10 may strike their elegance at first sight, the ESW11LTD is beautiful in their own way once you watch it closely with your eyes. Pictures don't do justice. It takes more time, but I think people will appreciate their 'hidden' beauty as time progresses. I think it is good to have matte wood finish for a change next to my W3000ANV.
  10. Ronald Lee
    i collected my set a few weeks back, but don't really have much time with this headphone due to work commitment. currently burning in now. What i can say as of now is that it sound much wider up after every hour of playback.
  11. billbro
    What is the cheapest way to pick these up at the moment? Picking them up from Amazon then using Tenso?
    PriceJapan seems to have them shipped to Australia for about $620, which is a hefty mark up as the ES10 is $399 here.
    I knew I shouldn't have been browsing head-fi!
  12. uelover
    You should block head-fi on your browser! Just kidding. Good things are meant to be shared.
    Seems like going via Amazon Japan and then Tenso is the cheapest available option at the moment.
    Is shigzeo going to offer us the ES10 v ESW11LTD comparison?
  13. asko
    I have both of them. Have been using ATH-ESW11LTD for two weeks.
    1. First impression was "just more bass". The difference in sound is obvious, but I hear no sound clarity improvements. Just a little bit different FR: I suppose the high bass is louder and there is no obvious pit at 8 kHz (but sibilance is not intrusive as in cool hi-end headphones, and it's good). Perhaps the difference in the sound only just because of different pads.
    2. Probably deep bass of ATH-ESW11LDT isn't as deep as ES10's one. When I listen to some songs I need to make the music louder to make bass sharper.
    3. Headphones construction is identical. Pads. Everybody say that they are more comfortable. They are deeper but... I'm not sure if they are more comfortable. At least in the beginning they seemed me terribly uncomfortable. The outer part of pads is very hard, but the contacting with ears part is very soft although it has seams. I'm listening to the music now (for two last hours) and my ears are slightly red, because pads adjacent to my ears.
    4. Likely you can order the pads replacement, because you can buy them at yodobashi dot com. (I bought this headphones there. But you need to know smb. in Japan to do it because of specific registration and only Japan delivery.)
    5. I am not very pleased with the purchase, still prefer the sound of ES10, although ESW11LTD looks really attractive (much better than in pictures).
  14. retrophonic
    Thanks for the feedback, maby I'll save some cash and order the ES10's if there's not a significant improvement in sound quality.
  15. billbro
    Indeed I should, I'm not interested in purchasing the W3000ANV and the ESW11LTD.
    Interesting pic over here though (different coloured ESW11LTD), maybe those of you in SG can shed some light?
    I wish I picked it up during the pre-order in SG, since I have a few friends from over there - Stereo won't do the previous price anymore :frowning2:
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