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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. uelover

    Compared to the Denon D7000 which I once owned, the ES10 is a pretty far cry in terms of bass quality. I don't recall it being able to reproduce the sub bass well also.

    Ath isn't really known for making headphones that satisfies basshead. The closest can so far that could satisfy your preference from the ath lineup could be the pro700mkii.

    If not, the UE9000, Sennheiser Amperior or other cans designed for your preferred genres might be better.
  2. seekadds
    I enjoyed the ATH-ES7, and I was looking to upgrade. I have to qualify my statement though, I am not a big basshead: the ATH-M50 is enough bass for me. I just am wary because I tend to not like even very good headphones that are mid-centric, like the Ortofon eq-7 IEM's. 
    We'll see, I'm sure I will be happy with the ES10's, I simply can't afford the ESW11ltd's right now. And if I don't like them, then they'll be up for sale. 
  3. uelover

    The ESW10JPN is more mid-centric than the ESW11LTD. The ESW11LTD sounded fuller in comparison. In any case, I hope that you will enjoy the ES10. They are definitely pretty looking and worthy of collection =)
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    I got some higher res pictures over at my website.
    Example below:
  5. nakamur-A-mon
    Finally got a stand for it....
  6. RAFA
    More impressions please :). (but don't skip the pics)
  7. retrophonic
    Can anyone compare these to the slightly more expensive Ultrasone Edition 8?
  8. shigzeo Contributor
    I did a little bit comparison in my short write up at ohm image. The ED8 have a more spacious sound, likely due to the larger cups. The ESW11 really do have that on-the-ear sound, which isn't bad at all, but in comparison, is compressed. Overall, the slightly softer upper end and warmer vocals are really nice, though I feel a little less balanced for a number of genres than the ES10 can be. Next to the ED8, sound is similar, but a little less sharp in the upper end. 
    If musical space, not just instrument separation, is important, the ED8 is hands-down the winner.
    For ES10 people who find it has too much bass: open up the case and apply some gaffer's tape to the vents that are covered in gauze. Immediate, perceptual change to CK10 sound (with a slight bass bias).
    ED8 vs ESW11LTD price. In Japan, the ED8 is more than double the ESW11LTD. You come from a very fortunate country.
  9. retrophonic
    Thank you so much for the comparison, very much appreciated.
  10. driver 8
    I received mine this morning.  I'm agreeing with shigzeo on their sound compared to the 8's so far, but I haven't much time with them yet.  I find the brush strokes on the cups kind of charming, but it seems like a tinsy little hair fell on at some point when it was being done.  Luckily it's far off to the side, though.
  11. namaiki
    Is there anyone who can do a comparison of the ATH-ESW11LTD vs the ATH-W1000X?
  12. tk3
    @shigzeo: thank you, the dark background really makes the wood look its best. :)
  13. RAFA
    I have two questions. Where is the best price on these and would you please give me more impessions on these. It seems so that there are quite a few people here hat already have them, but there is no (big-time) review around.
    EDIT: @shigzeo: by reading your review at OhmImage, I am kind of not sure if I should get this. I already own a ES10. They look so great and I am a fanboy and money is also prepared and and and, but a little mor information would be great.
  14. daigo
    Seeing those pictures of hte ESW10JPN's next to the ESW11LTD reinforces my feeling that I love the paint job on the ESW10JPN's a little too much. 
  15. cky8
    Ah it finally arrived. Without thinking too much I will just listen to it and see what happens.
    Lovely to have this new pair next to my W3000ANV. I will keep collecting [​IMG]
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