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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. tk3
    You guys who got em, anyone gonna take some nice high res pictures and impressions for the rest of us to drool over? :wink:
  2. uelover
    Not high-res photo but some photos taken through my iPhone. I can't seem to find my Sony Nex-5
    ESW10JPN and ESW11LTD side by side:
    As you can see from the last photo, the padding on the headband on the ESW11LTD is much thicker. Earpad is softer and larger so it is more comfortable to wear.
  3. RAFA
    Wow, beautiful!
  4. tranhieu
    I prefer the lacquer on the esw10jpn though...
    So... how do they sound? [​IMG]
  5. uelover

    Initial impression is positive. Out of the box it sounds a bit muffled but after 10hours things start to balance out. Nothing sounds out of place nor lacking.
  6. nakamur-A-mon
    Got myself one too...
    in the box
    together with the others left out Ultrasone ED 8Ltd in box....
  7. tranhieu
    How is their mid compared to that of the esw10jpn? I once owned the esw10jpn in the past and it was their mid that I love(d) the most. Highs on the esw10jpn on the other hand, is not very refined though.
  8. ArcticDweller
    A direct comparison with the es10 would be awesome. Anyone have a pair of both?
    I love my es10s and feel they were worth every penny, but I find myself wearing my esw9s much more often. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about the sound of the smaller driver with the wooden cups that really appeals to me. Too many variables involved to conclude that the wood is the responsible feature though. Anyway, I'm having trouble convincing myself to shell out close too a grand for what are essentially ES10s with wooden cups. Especially when considering what else is available at that price point. 
    I wonder if there is a way to order the cups and pads as replacement/repair parts... 
  9. uelover
    ***What I am going to say may not be valid in the days to come since my ESW11LTD has only received ~20 hours of burn in:
    The mids of the ESW10JPN and ESW11LTD are more similar than different. However, the ESW10JPN's mids is much better defined and is the focal point of the entire ESW10JPN sound sig. The mids of the ESW11LTD, while taking onto the character of its sibling ESW10JPN, is not as defined and instead sits in line with the rest of the music. Vocals do not come out and grab your attention like how the ESW10JPN does it.
    The highs on the ESW10JPN is very sweet and refined when driven with the right amp. It is somewhat picky on amp. The ESW11LTD is darker sounding in comparison and its bass is somewhat boomy.
    Those may be the signs and symptoms of my ESW11LTD still being in its raw stage. It may take a month or two for its sound to mature. Until then, we shall see~
    wind016 likes this.
  10. tranhieu

    Cheers. Looking forward to your next impression.
  11. slwiser Contributor
    It looks like the ESW10JPN is going to be hard to best here, especially in the looks.
  12. countolaf
    Yeah I agree. The lacquered wood cups perfectly matches its sweet musical sound sig. But obviously its harder to maintain its looks as compared to ESW9 and ESW11. I've seen some ESW10's from my friends and they obviously don't look as good as new due to daily use.
  13. seekadds
    The price still over $600, the reviews are...not glowing. I'm too impatient [​IMG] (upgradeitis) so I ordered the ATH-ES10 instead - already a well-established pair. I was excited, and I love woodies, but I am passing on the ATH-ESW11ltd. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for the replacement lambskin pads though. 
  14. uelover

    I do not like the sound of the ES10 but the ESW11LTD is much better to my ears even at this stage. Like what I said earlier, my impression on the ESW11LTD is premature and I am pitting the young ESW11LTD going against the well burned in and arguably the best portable of ATH line-up.
  15. seekadds
    I am a mid-level basshead, especially sub-bass. How does it compare? For reference, my home headphones are Denon D5000's and I listen to a lot of indie rock and electronic music like Of Montreal and Orbital. 
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