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NEW: Audio-Technica ATH-ESW11LTD

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  1. dallan Contributor
    Where are you finding them in the US.  I had to order mine to be imported by amazon.  It was cheaper that way than pricejapan by a fair margin.  I found one place that was $408. but most were mid to high 4s and some in the 5's.  It was kind of a pain and they were slightly damaged by shipping, lousy packaging didn't protect from getting crushed so cups were a little scratched.  Seller told me to put in a claim at the post office[​IMG].  So are they now availible in the US and for under 4?
    Edit-still $549 at audiocubes.  Amazon does have some that are in the $400-500. range from affiliates i see, like when i got them.
  2. shigzeo Contributor
    Methinks that generally, they are more expensive here than there. I've taken a liking to AT headphones since 2008. Prior to that, I was antagonistic, even hostile to them. I've owned a few, too, and hated a bunch.
  3. Dyaems
    wow the esw11ltd headphone plugs looks very generic haha
    even the EW9 (the clip-on) plug looks and feels better! not the extension cable though
  4. uelover

    Haha same here. I used to not like them. I am trying to get AnakChan to try them. Maybe someday he will get converted =P
  5. shigzeo Contributor
    That's a hard case, uelover. Do you best. I will, too. 
  6. lmswjm
    Thanks to this thread my ES10's have new life! Just received the ESW9 pads and they have turned my ES10's into my favorite portable of all time. Thanks!
  7. retrophonic
    Why, oh why couldn't the ES10 come in a brushed matte finish like in the photo, this may seem nit-picky, but that's the only thing that's keeping me from ordering a pair. I can't walk around the city with mirrors on my ears. [​IMG]
  8. Bill-P
    Amazon occasionally has some that are $400. There is one now (as of this post) on Amazon that's from a seller who says it's imported directly from Japan. $395... with $4.99 shipping, which makes it $399.99 with shipping.
    Or if you want to try your luck, eBay also has quite a few that's under $400 (with shipping). Here's one:
    I haven't heard any report of fake ES10, but I'd advise extreme caution when dealing with eBay either way.

    I got my pair for $350 from another Head-Fi'er. They're worth every penny at that price in my opinions... even if they're used.
    As for the scratches, I pretty much learned to deal with them. It's not like I see the headphone at all when I'm listening to music anyway. Maybe I'll slap some leather skin on top of the cups one of these days so that I won't ever have to worry about the mirror finish or scratches anymore.
  9. dallan Contributor
    Yep, i was upset about the scratches that it came with for about a week but i never look at the cans i am wearing and my wife care sooooo, no biggy.  Just hurt after dumping over 400 into it to get them new and damaged....new toy thing.  
  10. GL1TCH3D
    I don't like the cable for these at all...
    Very thin cables. It's also a tad bit short for my preference
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    Thin they may be, but they are strong and survive the rigours of body sweat and oil. The same ones are on my CK10 which I've had for four years no problems and I've used them extremely heavily.
  12. GL1TCH3D

    I won't doubt that. I had the Bowers and Wilkins P5 and the cables on those were so thin.
    I'm just a bit paranoid after my Beyer T5p cables broke in a matter of 3 months and those are thick cables.
    I would have liked that the ESW11LTD cables be removable...

    A quick summary of what I think of them:
    -They're on ear. My ears are prone to some discomfort concerning on ears. I think I wore these for at least 10 hours today (though I took a solid break after 6) and now my ears hurt. Pretty much all on-ears I've had have caused discomfort so it's not a big surprise here. I probably won't be regularly wearing them for 10 hours a day anyway.
    -Build feels a bit flimsy, though, they're meant to be portables so I don't expect something the weight of the LCD2 with all metal/wood. It doesn't feel like it will spontaneously snap though.
    -Sound quality has the wooden warmth to it. I find overall the sound slightly less full than the HD800. Of course the soundstage is much smaller but respectable for an on-ear (can't really compare to others since the only other on-ears I've owned were the P5s and the SR325i which both had lousy soundstaging). I'd prefer more sparkle in the treble since I'm a treble-head.
    -compared to what I heard of the ESW9, it's a HUGE improvement. Bass is much more refined and controlled while the ESW9 sounded very muddy and uncontrolled to me. I'll do more comparisons between the esw9 and esw11ltd this sunday when I meet up with my friend who owns them.
    Questions? Ask away.
  13. AnakChan Moderator
  14. shigzeo Contributor
  15. uelover
    My ESW11LTD is here~~ running it in now.
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