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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. FredA
    When i got my r2r 7, they forgot to send me the dhl tracking num. I got it in only 4-5 days. It can take longer, up to 7 days or so to Canada.
  2. JaMo
    christianvogel and FredA.

    I am aware of the needed burn in period.I always burn in my stuff.

  3. HoloSpice
    How much better is the R2r7 over the yggy?
  4. Currawong Contributor
    I don't find one to be better than the other overall in my system. The Yggy is a bit more relaxed, and possibly a very tiny bit more nuanced, whereas the R2R 7 is more "musical" in stock firmware or more "dynamic" and forward with the accurate firmware. A few times I haven't been aware which DAC I'm listening with when I've had all three playing in Roon and plugged into the same amp. Something to consider is that the Yggy has had changes made internally to the USB, firmware and output since it was first released and mine has none of those changes.
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  5. FredA
    I can only add that using the config proposed in 6 moon, with a great transport, it rises to a new level. More musical, resolved, smooth and relaxed (but still crisp overall) at the same time. So IMO, the r2r 7 will improve with firmware updates in the future.

    I wish that Kingwa added an option to the OS mode by which the r2r 7 aligns timing to the digital source, for those exceptionally good sources. This, by itself, would consistute quite an upgrade. I think that it is mostly what the 6 moon config allows,

    After 36 hours, i am still very impressed by my new config. It's a keeper. This weeked, i will try the accurate firmware with it. If my logic is valid, i will get another small improvement. Crossing my fingers.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
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  6. christianvogel
    I have not heard both. However at the level these DACs play at, it becomes as much a matter of taste as a matter of quality, as well as how well the DAC matches your set. For example, if you have an all-transistor set, I can imagine the more smooth R2R sound will work very well, while in an all-tube set, an Yggdrasil may work better.

    Last week I spent some time with a friend who has an Audio-GD DAC-19, which is a PCM1704 based DAC, at a third of the price. We compared it with my R2R-7, and what was astonishing again, was how much the digital source mattered. With a great source the DAC-19 approached in sound the R2R-7, they started to sound very similar in basic sound. Of course the R2R-7 was yet more spacious, rounder sound (especially when we tested both in NOS), more mature, and more detailed. However, that was only that clear in direct comparison. In contrast, changing the digital source was -immediately clear-: smudging the sound, giving harshness and flattening the soundstage to a pancake (and this was comparing a pretty good source with a really good one).

    Our conclusion was: he could better spend the money on the digital source than on a more expensive DAC.
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  7. gk2013
    Sure; it's all about the weakest link.....I disagree about the difference between the 2 DAC's. I have been able to compare the Master 7 vs R2R 7 and difference was rather significant. Of course; a decent source should be used.
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  8. barbas
    Would you consider an Auralic Aries Mini with iFi iPower and Audioquest Jitterbug a good enough source for the R2R 7?
  9. Wynnytsky
    I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong, and so I commend 6moons for debunking my easter egg theory
  10. bballas
    good source: minimum 3 pcs Lps1!!!!!!!!!
  11. bunkbail
    Do people actually put 3 pcs of them in series? How do you do that? Doesn't the voltage adds up at the end of the chain? Also the combined price of them is madness for a source. People in summit-fi are really something else.
  12. bballas
    :grinning:No series!!
    1lps1-sparky,sms200,ultrarendu or others
    2 lps1-iso regen,txusb ultra or others
    3lps1-DDC singxer,amanero or others
  13. bunkbail
    Oh I thought you meant something else lmao.
  14. Wynnytsky
    I put accurate back in. It's definitely more difficult getting 'accurate' sounding musical -- I didn't like how it combined with the 6moons config. I set it to S2-NOS3 w/ PLL.

    With the 8xOS I had a wider stage and stronger foundation (bass), and yet there is something ultra-natural about this. I tried I2S to get the bass back (Fred's suggestion) but my USB interface couldn't lock for nothing (just hiss) -- I guess it's true that OS is easier to lock with (removing PLL didn't help)

    Going back to the USB input, the speed and absence of bloom is a real treat when you hear how well sources maintain separation into busy/complex passages. I'm going to stay on this for a bit.

    Are there any jumper configurations that owners found difficult to lock via the USB input? So far I haven't seen any.

    (my chain for the week)

    Win10 STX PC w/ 200w LPS =>
    Curious Cable =>
    iFi iUSB3.0 =>
    Synergistic Research USB Active SE =>
    R2R7 =>
    Synergistic Research Resolution Reference mk.II XLR =>
    Yamaha A-S2100
  15. enigmus12
    I'm currently with NOS 3 PLL off with the inboard amanero (accurate FW, Master 7S). It sounds phenomenal on my headphone setup but not as good on my speakers (sadly). I'll give a try to PLL, why did you put it on ?

    For yoru information, NOS1 in accurate FW is not working for me. i've sent a mail to Kingwa and he said they have the same problem after testing. They'll try to correct in the future but they are very busy now (and they probably not know how they will manage the accurate vs smooth FW).
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