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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. christianvogel
    @FredA yes.. and in general 6moons has a horrible writing style. I find it nearly impossible to read. A compilation of technical details with a single paragraph of actual reviewing at the end.

    @barbas Yes, no and yes. For the no: If I remember correctly, setting either ATT0 or ATT1 uses -90db, setting both is different, but in the review and what Jos recommended me is both. Apologies for being unclear, I forgot the values Jos told me. In any case, it is a matter of personal preference. See also the review, they mention the settings as well.
  2. FredA
    One thing, trying to read between the lines, as always, it is mentioned the r2r 7 could cost 50% more. Funny coincidence it's what the Denafrips Terminator costs... And they were both in the same picture, in the review. :smile_phones:

    I am gonna try the stopband setting tonight!
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  3. christianvogel
    Well, to be fair... they said the Denafrips Terminator could cost 5x more.

    One of the disappointments of the review to me is that there is no direct comparison made with any other DAC, such as the Terminator
  4. PeterCraig
    The 6Moons review doesn't make a reader want to rush out and buy an R2R 7. But in the end it is quite favorable towards the dac. Comparisons would be nice though, that is what you look for in any professional review.

    Regardless I read their review for the Reference 5 years ago and it clinched my decision to buy the Ref 5.32. :dt880smile:
  5. FredA
    That was before there was competition to put against it in the same price range.. Like the r2r 7.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
  6. FredA
    Congrats to Kingwa for the Blue Moon award! Re-reading the review, i really think they imply, not too loud, that it is as good the Terminator, judging by what i am hearing now.

    You have got to give it to to 6 moon. They nailed a winning combination (os mode, but no oversampling and jumpers on att0 and att1). Audirvana outputting the max power of 2 possible (352/384) for all formats. I am not finished with the configuration of izotope however. Listening to it right now, you get best attributes of both OS and NOS 3. More depth as well maybe than both. Dynamic and liquid at the same time. True to the source it seems as i got the generous bass the singxer f-1 is able to produce back, like in my Master-7 days. :gs1000smile:

    This is possibly the point where i put the screws back on the cover and never think of it again (unless i give the accurate firmware a try, why not). The best comparison i can make is i get the same sound as with the Master-7 except with better imaging, smoothness and precision in the highs, better mids and better dynamics. Comparable quantity of bass, only better defined, which makes it sound a tad less generous. I know i made a similar statement at some point earlier, but i am really talking about another step up.

    The only negative point is the nos and os algorithms still need some work, unless the processing power offered by the Altera does not allow to do better, and it's simply not possible to match izotope.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
  7. FredA
    Listening to Ben Webster, Soulville, using my new favorite config. The saxophone is so expressive, it begs for you attention. It is precisely located and has a convincing presence. I don't want to go to bed. You hear every little detail, with excellent depth layering. And the sound, despite the recording limitations, is liquid. I even put back my most transparent interconnect on. It still sound as smooth as silk. No fatigue at quite high levels for 4 hours. Like the old m7 with original firmware.

    Six moon has down played the review. Used this way, the sound is not very good. It's beyond excellent. It's like a real performance, if you have ever been a witness to a very special concert night.
  8. JaMo
    Hi guys,

    I pulled the trigger on one of these. I have been very pleased with my Master 7 Singularity but understand by You guys, that the R2R-7 is playing in another league. I really look forward to listen to it in my rig. I have lacked the ability to play DSD-material on the M7S.
    I hope I did the right thing.
  9. FredA
    You really need a great transport and an excellent upsampler. But i can only compare to my M7 with latest firmware. For me, i can say it is worth the investment. Compared to an m7s, i can't tell, but according Magna Hifi, it is a small difference. Maybe with the best config possible, the difference is more obvious. One thing is for sure, the da-7 board is really really good. Better than the pcm1704k. And i haven't tried the accurate firmware with the new config yet. I expect another step up.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
  10. punit
    Yeah..the review was quite strange. Up until the last paragraph I wasn't sure whether they liked the DAC & then suddenly.. ..Blue Moon Award.
  11. Currawong Contributor
    It seems to have been written by that Polish couple that are occasional contributors, not by the owner of 6moons or Darko, whom would have done a better job IMO.
  12. christianvogel
    Hi @JaMo , congratulations!

    Just a tip for peace of mind, if it sounds weird and much worse than your Master 7 Singularity when you get it, do not panic :)

    Like the 6Moons article also mentions, it really changes in character over a month of playing... Never been a believer of play-in time until I got this DAC.

  13. christianvogel
    As for DSD, right now I cannot play it natively even though the DAC supports it, because the R2R-7 does not support DoP (DSD over PCM). I really hope mr @Kingwa will add support for DoP in a future firmware update!
  14. decapitate85
    No news so far of the r2r 1 I ordered on 27/10/2017.
    They told me it has been shipped this Monday 06/11 and they were waiting for DHL tracking number, but at today (now it should be evening in China) they still have not communicated to me any AWB (so I guess nothing has been shipped yet).

    Does any of you ordered it and received it yet?
  15. FredA
    Yes. I almost wanted to return mine on the day i got it. I found it awful.
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