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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. anroj
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  2. Tango Sierra
    I haven't tried those but the one from Italy sounds interesting because it uses 6 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 28 AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. I have liked the sound of OCC silver better than OFC strands. Could be a bargain at the listed price of 80 EUR.
    A year ago I had Audio Sensibility make a set of ACSS cables from their Statement SE Silver Interconnects using Furutech mini XLR 3 pin connectors. These cables use 19 AWG OCC silver which is a heavier gauge wire than the Italian cables on eBay but I don't how much difference that would make in the sound. The ACSS cost me $447 American for a one-meter pair which was expensive but I love the increase in sound quality.
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  3. Jackula
    Could be, depends on how much inferior it is.
  4. Chopin75
    Hmm, so the Bybees can be placed right around the PCB for the transformers ? I was told by WH audio it works mainly on analogue board but maybe I was looking at the wrong Bybee. Which type of Bybees are you using?

    Interesting article about the transformers, as toroidal is so commonly used that it is though they are best but it seems EI core can be as food or better (hence used in tube gear??) . I know toroidal is easy to put in a box as it is not radiating too much RF. R-core supposedly has best of both Ei and Toroidal but somehow not used much in US. Much more common in Asia, like China and my old Sony Esoteric uses R-core.
    A R-core regenerator or isolator seems ideal, but the only R core regen is the one from Kingwa that I know of. A separate stand alone regenerator or isolator does not need to be toroidal as it can be placed far from other equipment and so can be EI Or R-core which then is less susceptible to DC noise. EI can be a bit hummy though, I think it tends to be noisy, not sure why. R-Core seems ideal then, no noise and resistant to DC noise.....
  5. Mr G
  6. Jackula
    All transformer types have their strengths and weaknesses. R-core transformers give out a lot more RF than toroidal and must be shielded, they are also a lot less powerful and costs more. R-core is especially good for low power applications i.e. dacs due too their low noise (100x better than toroidal) and you tend to see them more in Chinese DACs because the cost of r-core is counter balanced by cheap labour.
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  7. dacver
    First time post, I'm actually using the Australian one ( Hand polished 99.9% solid core silver, soft annealed 24 AWG solid core) and it is an amazing cable, very satisfied with the sound. I can only compare it with the acss AGD cable that I got when I bought the system with Kingwa.
    My system is R2R7HE with upgraded clock, HE-9 and Master 3 amp with Osborn Eclipse and I love them too with Paradigm Signature 8 v3 , using Gustard U16 in II2S without any problem with 24-96,24-192 and redbook.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
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  8. FredA
    Haven't tried it but looks nice.
    Funny, we have the same setup, except maybe the fact my tweeter is upgraded to the reference. It sure is a great setup.
  9. Jackula
    And yours will probably be the best Eclipse from now on. Since being ditched by Focal, his new models sound flat and loose.
  10. FredA
    I only have the focal mid on mine.
  11. Jackula
    Yeah and that's the best midrange, the move by Focal means Osborn have to use new woofers for his Monument and a new midrange for his entire range.

    Without the Focal midrange, the bass is affected too, not just the midrange.
  12. FredA
    Yeah, this mid is superb. But isn't the scanspeak supposed to be excellent?
  13. FredA
    And Jan, i forgot to mention, as a sleeve for the valab mini xlr cable, you need 3/8 of an inch diameter, so a little under 10mm. For the first cable i assembled, i used the sleeve on the valab cable, which i had to strech to fit the wires more tightly. I had ordered 4mm sleeving, which was far too small.

    I used these connector and had to chop off the conical end of the cap and drill the hole by end to enlarge it, without putting the bit on the drill i mean, but just using my hands. The contacts were supposed to be silver-plated but instead i got gold-plated. Silver is best with silver wire i was told.

  14. Mr G
    Thanks. I will go ahead and try them out.
  15. Jackula
    Yes, but speaker design is less about drivers and more about how you can integrate everything via cabinet and crossover design. Osborn demonstrated how he could make Focal drivers sound their best using his designs than Focal ever could with their Utopia speakers :)

    Haven't tried either but if it was me I would buy the Invictus. Any conductor that is 26 AWG or thinner, individually insulated (i.e. Litz) will be superior to solid core 24 AWG. With 24 AWG you'll start getting distortions above 15khz. The best are flat Litz cables but these are usually very expensive.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
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