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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. chadnick
    Yep, I agree. I made a few pairs of ACSS cables. Not many wire options for the ACSSs especially if you want to use shielded wires. Also, a lot more options in XLR connectors.

    I’m leaning towards replacing the ACSSs (instead of swapping wires) to retain the XLR connectivity with regular XLR.

    Thinking about using these:
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  2. Chopin75
    Do you think when ordering a new DAC one can request the ACSS to be XLR instead of miniXLR?
  3. DACLadder
    I’m sure sellers would have no problem with this request. Trivial procedure for an experienced tech.
  4. Jackula
    The Terminator may have a slight edge as a standalone DAC, but when both was plugged into my HE9 (R7 via ACSS and Terminator via XLR), the R7 was the clear winner. The tonality is different, I found the R7 definitely more neutral and natural sounding of the two, and it was also the more transparent DAC.
  5. FredA
    I guess you use acss? This helps with transparence. Are you talking the r7 with Accusilicons and new DA-7s? Cause with these upgrades, i expect the r7 to win. These are such significant upgrades.

    From day 1 with the r2r-7, i was requesting better XOs to Kingwa cause i knew how much of a difference it would make. Having them now in the r7-he, i enjoy better neutrality and improved accuracy. They make a clear difference, no doubt.

    Even having only 70 hours on it, i am really blown away by the r7-he. I repeat myself, but really each time i listen to an album i had not tried yet, i am enjoying additional details, better imaging and PRAT while it being also easier on the ears. Kingwa had slammed one of the park with thr r2r-11, he just did the same in the high-end category with the r7-he. This dac just can't be faulted.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
  6. Jackula
    Yes, with the Accusilicon clocks and the new boards. My unit was a loaner and I intend to get the R7HE eventually. Been following this thread for quite awhile and I like what you've been saying about them :)
    Our local Denafrips dealer told me the Terminator got a few upgrades since I last heard them, so I plan to listen to them again on my new speakers before I decide.
  7. FredA
    Let us know. My bet is on the r7. Kingwa really outdid himself. His da boards may just be the best that exist.
  8. Jabba
    Could you please tell more about tonality and other differences?
    I'm thinking of R7, Terminator or Yggy2 for a new dac, so any input would be valuable.
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  9. Jackula
    I've never listened to the Yggy2, only the original. It has a seductive tonality, colored, pleasant but not accurate.

    It is my opinion that all high-end equipment should be accurate and neutral, which is why I don't put the Yggy in the same league as neither the R7 nor Terminator. OTOH the Terminator was slightly colder than neutral, not in a sterile way, more in a refreshing way.

    If we are talking about MSB DACs, which, at one stage I thought they were the "king of the hill" DACs, at least a lot of people do. They have 4 DACs, Discrete, Premier, Reference, Select.

    I would put the Terminator between the Premier and Reference (closer to Reference) and the R7 above the Reference, but as I have never listened to MSB's TOTL Select DAC, I can't comment how close it is to it. The Yggy would be well below the MSB Discrete DAC.
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  10. Jabba
    Thanks @Jackula
    Between the Audio-gd r8, r7 and r7he, are these far apart in sound quality and what is the differences? (All with updated boards, accucilion clocks etc).

    Interesting you mention msb, as I also have the older analog dac on my short list.
  11. Jackula
    No idea, I haven't listened to all the difference Audio-GD DACs.

    According to Kingwa, they are 5% apart for the untrained ear. But a major improvement if you're already familiar with the sound.
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  12. FredA
    I am looking forward to hearing your opinion on the HE. I assume you have an excellent transport. It's rare that we hear such valuable comments from headfiers that have auditioned so many high-end dac.

    My feeling is audio-gd's sale will go through the roof.
  13. FredA
    I made an error mentionting the Terminator was 6000usd. The price was stated in Singapor dollars, which translates to 4500usd. Still...
  14. FredA
    As for the msb reference, it's starting at 40k. This pricing is outrageous.
  15. DACLadder
    I owned both the Iggy v1 and MSB Analog DAC. Sounded thin and dry in my system but vocals were great. The Analog DAC had a similar sound character as the Iggy v1 but more low-level resolution. Much preferred the old M7's dynamic presentation and ample bass!

    The Iggy v1's mute relays on sampling rate changes drove me crazy (hated and loathed). Plus the excessively l-o-n-g warm up period. And the single ended outputs did not sound as good as XLR. Other than USB interfaces MSB's technology hasn't been improved upon in years (but haven't checked in quite a while).
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